Texting via Enterprise Switch

Important information about texting via Enterprise Switch

Do you regularly send texts from a Switch landline number? In that case, the recipient can't reply the text since you can't send texts to a landline. We will remove this technical obstacle on 4 September.

  • If you send a text when you're logged in to your Switch landline number, it will now be sent to your mobile number.
  • Advantage: you no longer have to switch to your mobile number to send a text.
  • But, in that case, the recipient will see your personal mobile number and will also be able to call you on it.

What do you need to do?

Nothing at all! From 4 September 2018, the Enterprise Switch service will be automatically adapted for everyone, free of charge.*

More info?

Want more information about the impact of this change or about Enterprise Switch? Get in touch with your usual contact person, or send an e-mail to enterprise.switch@proximus.com

*You have the right to cancel the service at any time without additional costs.

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