Secure infrastructure

A trustful business starts with a secure infrastructure

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Advanced network protection

DDoS protection

  • In the cloud blocks and filters volume attacks before they can reach your infrastructure.
  • On premise, you protect your enterprise against DDoS attacks at application level.
  • Cloud Signalling is a fully hybrid DDoS solution that can handle both application and volume DDoS attacks.

Intrusion prevention systems 

  • Monitor your network activity, applications and users in order to identify and block any abnormal behavior.

DNS security and Load Balancing

Advanced Threat Protection 

SSL encrypted traffic visibility

  • Provides visibility into encrypted traffic coming into and out of your business.
  • Offers selective decryption of your network traffic.

Network Security Forensics

  • All network communications are logged and analyzed in real time.
  • Security breaches are immediately identified and reported.

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Secure Internet Access

Depending on your type of access, we can propose the following:

Secure Internet Access

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Network firewalls

Next-generation firewalls and Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Web security


  • Use URL-filtering, advanced malware protection, legacy protection against malware and application control.
  • On premise devices (hardware and virtual) or as services in the cloud or in a hybrid model.
  • Also available as a component of the Proximus next-generation firewalls portfolio.

Secure Local Access

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Network Access Control (NAC) allows you to control the admission of users and devices to your network .

Secure Remote Access

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Use a SSL Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) to get meticulous control for a series of users who use a variety of devices and access your company’s resources from several sites.

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Partners and communities

Benefit from the best security services thanks to our partnerships with the highest certifications.

We participate in security communities to exchange knowledge. You always get the right information and service to guarantee business continuity.



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