Secure Hybrid Cloud

Secure Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both clouds.

Indeed, it draws as much from the public cloud, to provide access to a large range of applications and services, as from the private cloud to ensure the reliability of business-critical applications in terms of performance and security.

Hybrid cloud links your onsite infrastructure to your infrastructure in the cloud and therefore allows you to perfectly balance your workload between your onsite infrastructure and the cloud, in a simple and secure way.


  • Flexibility: choose where you want to host your data and applications. You can easily switch from your onsite infrastructure to the cloud, whenever you want.
  • Scalability: use as many resources as you need.
  • Costs: move from a capex model to an opex model. Pay only for what you use and avoid recurring investments while following the IT evolution. What's more, you no longer need to fall back on emergency resources or deploy additional infrastructure in case of workload peaks.
  • Speed: mobilizing resources takes a matter of minutes rather than weeks or months.
  • Provisioning speed: benefit from a shorter time-to-market for your products and services.
  • Security: the cloud infrastructure is hosted in Proximus data centers which are highly secure, available and redundant. Proximus can also add a firewall in the cloud, DDoS protection, an antivirus program and many other advanced security options.
  • Point of contact: Proximus is your single point of contact for all your IT infrastructure needs, whether onsite or in the cloud, and it can take charge of the network, storage and security.


  • Transfer existing work volumes in and outside the cloud without any worries. There is no need to change procedures or convert applications.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • IP Mobility is a new technical tool which avoids you having to reconfigure all your IP addresses and allows you to alternate work volumes between your onsite infrastructure and the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides for an optimal disaster recovery plan in case of an emergency. Not only will your data be protected but also your infrastructure as a whole.
  • Our guarantees: availability, resilience and SLA are standard.
When should you move to a hybrid cloud?
  • When your server is reaching the end of its life/needs updating.
  • When you are reorganizing or merging several departments or data centers.
  • When you have a shortage of certain skills.
  • When you want to consolidate or virtualize your servers.
  • When you want your data to be protected.
  • When you are facing budgetary restrictions.
  • When you want to anticipate peak periods.

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