Secure endpoints and workplaces

Avoid that malicious malware, ransomware and other threats access your IT infrastructure

Detect malicious apps
Secure all devices
Prevent compromised devices from accessing your IT infrastructure

Secure endpoints

Mobile device security

Protecting the mobile devices of your users introduces new challenges

Mobile Threat Protection solutions uses malicious app detection to find threats by applying threat emulation, advanced static code analysis, app reputation and machine learning.

Dynamic threat response prevents compromised devices from accessing your organization’s network. And after integration with an Enterprise Mobility Management system you can e.g. block access to corporate email.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Laptop, desktop and server security

For the best protection you will need a layered defence on the endpoint,using several “next generation” protection techniques:

  • Signature based anti-malware
  • Policy based protection
  • Host based firewall/IPS
  • Static and dynamic malware analysis (machine learning)
  • Malware behavioural analysis

Your data goes mobile

Extend your organization’s security policies to endpoint devices
  • Hackers focus more and more on endpoints and many companies have been the victim of ransomware attacks.
  • And with the new GDPR legislation it is more important than ever to prevent that your employees leak sensitive information.

We can assist you with the implementation of the solution and even take over the care for the maintenance, incident management and/or daily operation of the solution.

Partners and communities

Benefit from the best security services thanks to our partnerships with the highest certifications.

We participate in security communities to exchange knowledge. You always get the right information and service to guarantee business continuity.



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