Intelligent network

Software Defined

Gain time thanks to automation
Learning network continuously adapting according the needs
Security is integrated in the heart of the network

As flexible as your business

An intelligent and secure Software Defined network

Adapts effortlessly to each new application or user

Agile network based on your business needs

Continuously learning, predicting and protecting

The administrator determines what, the system configures the how

Analytics & reporting

Save time and keep focus on strategy and innovation



Did you know?

70% of the budget and 80% of time is spent on network activities

Source: Cisco


Software Defined network components

New generation of network infrastructure is based on software

Software Defined LAN (SD-LAN)

Automated network access for users and/or devices on the network

Software Defined LAN (SD-LAN)

  • The right access for the right users and/or devices
  • Swift problem resolution through analytics and reporting
  • Simplified network configuration and optimal security
  • Flexible infrastructure that supports future business needs

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Software Defined LAN

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Intelligent and simple to manage agile network

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

  • Network with optimal application experience, in the cloud and on-site
  • Use of different types of connectivity for fast provisioning, increased flexibility and upgradeability
  • Dashboard with overview of configurations and network performance
  • Secure and future-proof

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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Software Defined Network (SD-N)

Flexible data center infrastructure for the secure roll-out of applications

Software Defined Network (SD-N)

  • Automation and programmability in data centers
  • Fast and simple implementation of applications and services
  • Centralization of network configuration, management and control
  • Increase in business flexibility and improved security

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Software Defined Network

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"A network must be programmed and managed in the same way as a software application."

(Voice of the Customer 03/2018)

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