Salary Benefits

Salary Benefits

#NewPerspective on salary benefits

“A happy worker offers more commitment to customers.”

Laurent Jaspers, Accountant Ethias

Ethias is the third largest insurance company in Belgium, with over one million customers. However, if you want satisfied customers, you must first ensure you have satisfied employees:

  • an alternative compensation without increasing the labour costs
  • better fiscal advantages for both employer and employee
  • enjoying the benefits of IT and telecom

New challenges, salary benefits policy

A new legislation and high taxes on the payroll force companies to look for a new win-win remuneration policy for employers and employees alike. Ethias was one of the first companies to offer its employees a free internet connection. “It was fifteen years ago already,” says Laurent Jaspers, Ethias accountant in charge of the staff association. In the mean time, this evolved to an alternative compensation in the form of telecom solutions.

Savings on IT & Telecom: always welcome

The integration of telecom solutions in the compensation policy offered a new perspective.
The employees of Ethias received a nice salary benefit that was higher than the equivalent in gross pay, without increasing the labour costs for the company, as extra-legal benefits mean that the employer pays less social security. Proximus has developed a customized solution for Ethias. Via Packs for Employees, employees enjoy the advantages of a single provider, while Ethias pays for the costs of fixed and mobile internet. “Employees pay a contribution for digital TV, fixed and mobile, but he or she can count on a good discount,” says Laurent Jaspers. “And through Ethias they can also get a discount when buying a PC.”

Appreciation everywhere

Laurent Jaspers is constantly in contact with the employees at Ethias. “Time and again I hear how much the people appreciate this initiative,” he says. “This really is a genuine additional service to our employees. It’s a real ‘private’ advantage to the employee.” There’s also an advantage to the employer as well, as this offer represents an extra-legal benefit that is fiscally interesting to both the employer and the employee. “The best part is that the initiative contributes to the satisfaction of the employee,” says Laurent Jaspers. “And you know that a satisfied employee is a high-performance employee, leading to higher productivity, greater commitment to the company and a greater commitment to customers.”

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Address: rue des Croisiers 24, 4000 Liège – 1720 employees

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