A different way of remunerating

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A different way of remunerating

Society is changing quickly and this determines the way in which you as a company treat your employees, and vice versa. New rules and high fiscal pressure on remuneration create a number of challenges for your company:

  • Improving the work-life balance of your employees and flexible working
  • Financial win-win situations for employer and employees alike
  • Convincing HR branding to retain good employees and attract new ones

Your needs

Remunerating through additional tax advantages

With Packs for Employees, you opt for an alternative form of remuneration for your employees by paying fully or partially for their private Internet subscription. For a few euros, your employee also gets Proximus TV or fixed and mobile telephony in the form of Pack. Through an advantageous tax scheme of benefit in kind this is also very attractive financially for you as an employer.

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One mobile phone for private and professional use

With Mobile for Employees, your employees enjoy extra advantageous rates as business prices are on average lower than those of private subscriptions. Thanks to the included Budget Manager, you can split private and professional use and get everyone to pay their share.

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Trendy devices

Device for Employees allows your employees to choose from a list of attractively priced tablets and smartphones that you have selected.  In consultation with the IT department you decide which devices may connect to the network and which may not.  Security obviously plays an important role here.

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Gift for the family

Besides Packs for Employees, Mobile for Employees and Device for Employees, there is also the Employee Affinity Program. With this program's offers, you and your family enjoy even more discounts on the private solutions of Proximus.

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Now that the VDAB is increasingly holding job fairs and on-site traineeships, its staff are becoming more mobile. But the number of teleworkers is also increasing. VDAB opts for maximum reachability.

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