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Guarantee an impeccable service level, manage costs and satisfy various demands... the public sector is under a lot of pressure! And we cannot ignore reality: always doing more with less and less means.

In this context, it becomes indispensable to make the right choices and have the right support. Which is also the case for the Telecom and ICT solutions used.

In this digital era, authorities, like citizens, need to be connected and connectable at all times. ICT solutions develop at the rhythm of the public sector's need and are therefore a real answer to political, economic and society demands. The big data boom, internet of things, data protection … all represent great and promising innovative opportunities.

Thanks to a sectoral approach to public authorities, all international, national and local entities benefit from a personal approach at Proximus. Your personal account manager is always your first point of contact. In addition, we endeavor to be closer to customers by participating in all major events and seminars. We focus on sector-specific needs and, together with users and decision-makers, look for the right solution. A long-term relationship continues to be our priority.

International, national and regional authorities

High-performance services and motivated employees guarantee a modern service level, today as well as tomorrow.

Being fast, adequate and complete is a must for all public authorities. Today, ICT becomes an indispensable ally. Citizens and businesses expect a comprehensive digitalization of the different public services, which must be available 24/7.

For international and diplomatic authorities (NATO, European Commission, Embassies ...), a permanent and secure connection is, now more than ever, essential. Together, we help you find the best solution for your institution. You can count on the expertise and know-how of a reliable partner.

As an employer, providing an adapted package of communication tools and advantages is an excellent way to attract and motivate employees.

Administrations work remotely, are equipped with smartphones and tablets, provide secure access to necessary information and social media, etc.

Are you looking for made-to-measure solutions for infrastructure, network, mobility, security, collaboration and cloud solutions?

We can help you modernize and optimize your service within a realistic budget.                          

The government has already concluded a number of framework agreements. You too can perhaps take advantage of those. Your account manager will be happy to advise you.

Customer stories


In the paperless age, the age of administrative simplifi cation and the dematerialization of services, the Belgian public authorities are acquiring the tools needed to process digital invoices from the private sector.

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Children and young people can call Awel, the children’s helpline, with their pressing questions. The organization is now offering its volunteers greater flexibility, as they can now answer incoming calls on their mobile, wherever they are.

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NCI Agency

NCI Agency

The NATO Communications and Information Agency, is engaged in ongoing innovation with its trading partners Proximus and Polycom. The idea is to optimize the use of videoconferencing for as many NATO personnel as possible.

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Cities and municipalities

A connected city uses ICT to improve the lives of its citizens, businesses, visitors, employees and thus makes the city more attractive.
We can help you to prepare, as of today, the future of your community by making your city smart and connected. Build it with all the people who live and work there.

We remain close to you, participating in major events and workshops in your area. We constantly work to improve our understanding of your needs and we collaborate with users and decision makers. You can also always rely on your account manager, your main point of contact.

Advantageous subscription terms

Your entity can probably benefit from preferential terms for existing global tenders. We are familiar with these framework agreements for the provision of products and services. Proximus has been selected as the supplier in various processes, so always ask about these possibilities. Your account manager will be happy to help you.

Customer stories

Ghent General Hospital

The use of mobile devices can increase your people’s productivity, but security remains a thorny issue. With the Mobile Device Management solution, you are safe.

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PubliLink Explore

Wi-Fi solution on PubliLink Explore

After the move to a new administrative center, the Oostkamp municipality was looking for a suitable way to offer wireless internet.

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Leuven and Hasselt overhaul datacenter environment

Leuven and Hasselt overhaul datacenter environment

Leuven and Hasselt are bringing their new datacenters into use for smooth service provision to members of the public.

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Emergency services

From prevention to intervention, the main challenge emergency services are facing is to be available in all possible circumstances for citizens.

We always propose an ICT solution that takes your needs into account, as well as the legal framework. The emergency services benefit from mobile and fixed connectivity, the maintenance and extension of the ASTRID network, the framework agreement for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and FORCMS, and the provision of ICT security services and cloud services.

In case of crises and mass events we can expand our network capacity in a flexible way. Furthermore, we can provide interactive websites, video applications, streaming, intelligent screens and specific SMS applications for urgencies or disseminate messages to residential districts or shoppers.

FORCMS framework agreement

As a policing zone, you don’t need to write a tender. You can subscribe to the FORCMS framework agreement, valid as of 1st May 2016. Ask your account manager for the very interesting conditions.

ANPR framework agreement by AWV

You want to install cameras or extend an existing network? Ask for the possibilities included in the ANPR framework agreement by AWV. Your account manager will be happy to explain you the details.

Did you know?

We already equipped 187 ANPR cameras sites, and are adding another 150 sites by the end of 2016. Where a speed trajectory control is in place, the average speed is reduced by 5 km/h and by monitoring the route, the number of offenses decreased spontaneously by 72% and the number of serious offenses by 85%.

Customer stories


Smart cameras for safer roads and less crime

ANPR cameras recognize the number plates of cars driving by.

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Blue Light Mobile, ASTRID

ASTRID offers Blue Light Mobile via all mobile networks

ASTRID is the operator of a mobile communication network reserved for all the Belgian emergency and security services.

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Liège police

Liège police

Liège police zone has adopted the Proximus NAS platform concept to have a new storage environment for camera images. (Ictnews)

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