Cost control and provision of services

  • Make the right choices for wise investments.
  • Motivated employees with adapted work tools.
  • Modern telecom and ICT solutions that make work more pleasant, in the office, at home or on the move.


  • Connect anything and anyone without worries.
  • Interact with citizens, involve them in decisions and project management.
  • Collaborate efficiently, as close to the citizen as possible.
  • Offer citizens or organizations a modern, accessible and personalized service.

Information management

Security and continuity

  • Process and save the data of citizens and companies in a secure way.
  • Comply with the new International Data Processing Provisions (GDPR).
  • Ensure the proper functioning of your services using own closed networks, including the latest mobile technologies.
  • Ensuring continuity of service, even, and especially, in times of crisis.
  • Consultancy: get help with with the necessary expertise.

Why choose us as partner?

We have always devoted a lot of attention to the public sector

  • Participation in seminars and events related to your sector.
  • Privileged relationships with many public actors.
  • Personal contact point.
  • Relation of trust based on the long term and the sharing of experience.

Do not hesitate to immediately involve your Account Manager in your projects. He will call on the right experts to accompany you on your digital transformation.

Customer stories

Flemish government goes digital to the max

Of course, the Flemish government took to heart its call to work from home as much as possible during the corona crisis. According to Frank Geets, administrator general, the speed and ease with which this happened typifies the maneuverability of a modern government.

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Eureka Leuven

Eureka protects children's data.

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Faster Circulation in Hasselt

The city of Hasselt launched an ambitious new traffic management system. What does this system make possible?

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City Dendermonde

Measuring to better understand with Proximus Analytics.