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Highly reliable and secure network connection

Why fiber?

Because so many things happen in one second on the web!

The technology of the future in your company today


What is fiber?

Well, data is transported by light waves projected into ultra-thin glass fibers.


Fiber network

A big part of our network is already made up of fiber. But today we are extending our network right into your building.


Technology of the future

Thanks to this powerful fiber network, faster than your current copper connection, you always have a fast, constant and stable internet connection. With fiber, you don't have to worry about any loss of quality regardless of the number of simultaneous users!

Our fiber solutions

Professional internet for optical fiber

A high bandwith solution with excellent service and lots of options

What both have in common

350/50Mbps down and upload speed

1 fixed IP address

Fiber Boost Pro: 500/100Mbps down and upload speed (15€/month extra)

Unlimited surf volume

Repair service within 5 hours in option (€ 10/month). One time installation costs of € 450.



Connect your company (and branches) to a high-bandwith and secure private network with Explore.

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Is there optical fiber on your doorstep?

Your unique partner

We guarantee

  • team of optical fiber specialists always ready to help and guide you through every step of your project
  • Our own optical fiber network throughout Belgium and partnerships with foreign optical fiber operators internationally
  • A single partner for all your telecom and IT projects

Customer stories


One investment now to support new models in the future.


Rochefort brewery’s employees can control different remote machines.

Martin's Hotel

A fast reservation system and a fast guest wifi on the same connectivity line.


Access to the training applications from anywhere on the Internet.


More flexibility because the fiber connection is always on.


VPK Packaging Group use fiber to support their centralised ICT model.

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Enterprise Call & Surf

Enterprise Call & Surf

Non-stop calling and surfing for all your employees.



A fast, reliable and secure network, and completely private.

Internet connection

Internet connection

Discover our Internet solutions: Internet Pro, Internet Pro+ and Internet Pro+ Essential.

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Frequently asked questions

What is fiber?

Fiber is the fixed network of the future: it will allow you to download and upload intensely and simultaneously with low latency, even when working with heavy files or when streaming high-quality videos.
From a technical point of view, fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information over long distances and at very high speed by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber.

Will I have much inconvenience during the street works?

For works at the public domain:

  • If there is trenching to be done, we need to open the side walk for a long distance. Access to your building will be guaranteed by our partner that executes the works with a bridge.
  • Trenching is not always required. In such case inconvenience will be very limited.
When will I have fiber at my disposal?

Fiber is rolled out in different phases. It might be that your building is not situated in the region where we are installing fiber today. It is also possible that your company is in a fiber region, but that we cannot connect your building for technical or administrative reasons (e.g. the building owner has not given his permission, the authorities have not delivered the necessary permits, etc.). Do you want to know whether your company will soon be connected? Ask your question here.

What services can I use with my fiber line?

You will be able to use the same services as those currently available on our copper lines. Fiber is an access technology to the full of our portfolio, both voice and data. It offers a better quality thanks to the higher bandwidth and the low latency. It will also allow you to implement bandwidth-consuming applications like video collaboration, cloud integration, Internet of Things, Fiber is future proof: you will not have to do new investments when you need a higher bandwidth. The existing fiber capacity can be easily adapted.

General conditions

Conditions Internet on Fiber

Unlimited volume : unlimited usage of the service for personal use only and according to the general conditions. The speed doesn’t change and is not influenced by the downloaded volume. Upstream/downstream speeds: The actual speed, experienced by the customer, also depends on the computer installation and, in exceptional cases, on the general use.

Mobile Internet: if the volume is used up: €0.083 per additional MB. Only for use in Belgium. In order to enjoy Mobile Internet you need a modem or a device with integrated 3G/4G technology.

Repairs within 5 working hours: In case of an incident with the Internet access or one of the Internet services (e-mail) you can count on a guaranteed repair within 5 working hours (not on Sundays and public holidays) if the incident is reported before 5 p.m. (before 1 p.m. on Saturdays).

Mobile Back-up: free installation on a new line, €100 on an existing line. Only available after an evaluation of your mobile coverage.

All prices are VAT excluded.

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