Onsite Networking (LAN/WLAN)

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Smart Network

Your network in the cloud


  • Differentiate between internal and external users
  • Always a clear view on your network via the user-friendly dashboard, accessible anywhere, anytime
  • No more stress for updates and patches
  • Fast Wi-Fi access for everyone
  • Give priority to certain applications and users

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Smart Network in practice

In your shop

Not only your employees need a smooth network access, your clients want just the same in your shop.

They can log into a Wi-Fi network, completely separated from your own internal network.

Did you know that:

43% Use smartphone during shopping

41% Use smartphone for info about products

20% More expenses when the customer receives purchase suggestions via smartphone

Did you know that:

91% don't book if free Wi-Fi is unavailable

The average guest carries 2 to 3 mobile devices

3x more mobile and network traffic in 2020

LAN Managed Services

Your internal network, soundly built and completely managed


  • Ensures the highest availability of your LAN by preventing incidents and bottlenecks, resolving problems quickly and minimizing disruption to your operations. Through solid problem management, change management and pro-active monitoring.
  • Free up your existing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Rely on the expertise of network professionals and be assured that you can reach the right expertise whenever you need it.
  • Consolidated Service Level Agreements across multiple technologies and vendors.
  • Predictable costs (know your capital and operational expenses) with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than managing it in-house.
Advantages LAN management

LAN Managed services are offered in pre-packaged services that meet best practice. Besides our standard offering we can build tailor-made Managed LAN services that meet your specific requirements depending on the criticality and ensure around-the-clock network availability.

  • Supports a broad portfolio of network equipment
  • Pro-active monitoring 24/7: we remotely diagnose, identify problems and fix issues before they can impact your business
  • Incident management, availability and service restoration defined in clear Service Level Agreements
  • Change management process
  • Regular backups of software and configuration
  • Online service portal
  • On-demand reporting on your network performance. Your Proximus Service Manager will provide you standard or tailor-made “Network and System Health” reports per device or site.

You can also get the on-demand support of highly skilled staff in different operational areas such as: design management, auditing, benchmarking, consultancy and cross technology expertise.

Managed LAN / WLAN

With our ICT expertise in converged networks and integration services, we can bring together a range of disparate technologies as single network architecture, so that you can enjoy the benefits of innovation and flexibility.

We can take charge of the supply, installation, maintenance and management of all your on-premises equipment (CPE) and network components.


  • End-to-end tailor-made campus LAN for your company – both wired and wireless: completely convergent, scalable, robust and energy-efficient
  • Audit of your existing environment and readiness assessment
  • Assistance: we will guide you through the integration of your new LAN infrastructure without disruption of activities
  • Fully certified by market-leading vendors including Cisco, Juniper and Avaya
  • Managed LAN services including maintenance and management to guarantee you that your campus LAN is always on
Offer Managed and Wireless LAN

Datacenter LAN

Secure, high-performance LAN services to ensure that the network is always on

Your datacenter switches must support the growing demand for capacity and access, while allowing you to reduce capital and operational costs at the same time.

With our ICT expertise in converged networks and integration services, we can take charge of the supply, installation, maintenance and management of all your on-premises equipment (CPE) and network components:


  • Design the Datacenter networking to meet your specific needs
  • Deploy industry-leading technologies
  • Build a transition plan that avoids risk and obsolescence
  • Monitor your Datacenter network to ensure optimum performance
Aanbod Datacenter LAN

LAN Extension Solutions

A transparent, high-speed transport of your critical data between your data centers


  • Transparent data transport
  • Different redundancy levels available
  • Flexible infrastructure in terms of upgrades and the later addition of services
  • 100% guaranteed bandwidth and connectivity 100% dedicated to the customer
  • The densest optical fiber network in Belgium and high service guarantees.
  • Transparent transport: layer 1
  • Configuration in CWDM and DWDM
  • From 10 MB to multiple 10 GB
  • Supported protocols:
    • LAN: Ethernet, (10 MB, 100 MB, 1 GB, 10 GB)
    • Storage: Fiber Channel (1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB)
    • Video: SDI (270 MB, HD 1.4 GB)
  • Secure or fully diversified routing configurations available

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