Your fixed line on your smartphone

Your fixed line on your smartphone

Enterprise Switch

Take your fixed-line number with you wherever you go


  • Your fixed line while on the go: remain accessible through your smartphone at all times, no matter where you or your employees are
  • Business communication: always contact your customers with the same (fixed) number
  • Plan ahead: use the Planner of the Enterprise Switch app to achieve the right balance between private and work life
  • Work flexibly: work in the office, at home or on the move, with access to your voicemail everywhere
  • Easy to install: no adaptations required on your telephone infrastructure
  • Manage all Switch numbers with ease: via one web application
Also for two mobile numbers

Enterprise Switch is also possible for two mobile numbers: Enterprise Mobile Switch. In that case, your professional mobile number becomes the Switch number, which you can switch on and off whenever you like. Your personal mobile number therefore remains protected.

Switching between calls

Switch easily between your private and business numbers

  • A smartphone app allows your employees to switch easily between their private and business numbers.
  • When the Switch number is not activated, employees can answer their customers via voicemail or even forward calls to another number.
  • With the "smart ringing" option, both the fixed-line phone and the mobile phone will ring when a call comes in.
  • Are your employees contactable professionally only during certain hours? In that case, use the Planner of the Enterprise Switch app (for individuals) or get your fleet manager to schedule these hours via the Enterprise Switch e-administration application (for all employees).

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Download brochure

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