There’s no business like no-show business

Your presence is most valuable to us

You’re invited to an event where your presence is an honor to us. So when you decide to register, it gives us even more energy to make the event unforgettable. For you, and all other guests.
Of course, sudden incidents might prevent you to attend the event, even after registration. No worries. Then we hope to meet you on another occasion. But please be so polite as to warn us about your cancellation.

Each year, millions of euros are lost as a result of persons who register for an event but do not show up. These so called ‘no-shows’ are numerous and their numbers increase drastically. At Proximus events, no-show-rates of around 30% are becoming the sad average. While the event sector in general is coping with averages of 40-50%.
No need to tell you this attitude results in a huge waste of effort, resources and premium food and drinks. A pity, since there are so many people around us trying to struggle through life with barely anything to eat or drink.

Our social responsibility

Please help us to increase our social responsibility which allows us to save our energy and catering costs. If you register to an event, we truly hope you join the party. If not, please let us know in time by sending an email to business@proximus.be, in which you will specify the event you will not be able to attend. Let’s keep events a fun business. Since 'There’s no business like no-show business'.

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