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What’s MyProximus?

MyProximus is a secure environment that allows you to view all information related to your business.

Easily manage telecom and ICT solutions

With MyProximus professional, you can easily manage your mobile, fixed and ICT solutions. MyProximus simplifies your network management and enables you to quickly and efficiently report and monitor incidents. You also can digitally manage your invoicing and your telecom expense.

We would like to help guarantee your business continuity. With MyProximus, we’re always close, twenty-four seven.

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As manager of mobile equipment…

With MyProximus, you can simplify the management of mobile devices, sim cards, tariff plans and expenses in your company.
You can carry out simple but urgent actions yourself, without having to contact us.

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As IT manager…

MyProximus facilitates your network and operational management and enables you to report incidents and to request alterations more easily. MyProximus offers the tools to monitor your Explore network or to anticipate planned interventions on the network.

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As budget and invoice manager…

With MyProximus, you can manage your invoices and telecom expenses more easily and furthermore, generate all kinds of detailed reports, thus facilitating your job. You can receive your invoices electronically and consult them via MyProximus. In addition, you can dive into the expenses via detailed reports.

As your company’s MyProximus contact person or SPOC…

You can grant your colleagues access to perform certain duties on MyProximus and you manage the MyProximus account for your organisation.

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Consult and analyze your bills and expenses

Standard online billing tools

The standard online billing tools within the MyProximus portals offer your organization a range of advantages:

  • Consult a historic overview of your bills per billing account
  • Download PDF copies of your bills at any time. The PDF copies you download from the platform do not hold any legal value and cannot be used for tax purposes
  • Check the balance of your unpaid bills
  • Check current (real-time) expenses. This will allow you to assess the impact current usage will have on your next bill
Advanced bill analysis tools

Proximus has two powerful tools for analyzing your online bills. They will allow you to create, analyze and download reports based on your billing data.

  • Access predefined standard reports
  • Access call data records (CDR)
  • Analyze cost centers
  • Obtain personalized reports.

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