Mobile Coverage Extender

Mobile Coverage Solutions

Optimal mobile coverage indoors too

Solutions for small buildings

Prices excl.VAT

Advantages of these solutions
  • Quick and easy to connect to your b-box
  • Once installed, the device is automatically configured
  • No login required: your mobile device within range of the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) will automatically establish a good connection with our network

Solutions for large buildings

  • Installation by a Proximus technician
  • Tailor-made solution
  • If necessary, with a site survey
  • Compatible with all our mobile telephony products
  • Approved by the BIPT
  • Compatible with optical fiber
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1 Used calling minutes and mobile data are charged in the same way on your mobile subscription or prepaid card.

2 The surface areas mentioned are purely indicative and highly dependent on the structure of the building to be covered. Proximus cannot give any coverage guarantees.

General conditions

For use in Belgium only, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) is an option available with Proximus' fixed Internet service. The device must be connected to the Proximus modem and provides an extension of Proximus' public mobile 3G network in the customer's building, as a result of which users can be offered better mobile coverage (voice and data).

Users of the service must have a Proximus mobile subscription and a 3G-compatible mobile device. The mobile usage made over the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) will be billed according to the rates that apply under the user's mobile subscription.

The installation is carried out by the customer himself or by a technician (€59 – including VAT – only possible for Mobile Coverage Extender Pro).Mobile Coverage Extender Pro: the customer must have Proximus Internet over VDSL or optical fiber as it is not compatible with ADSL technology, Internet Start or Explore connectivity. 

Proximus cannot give any guarantees with regard to the coverage of the service. After all, external factors play an important role in this.Business customers with more than five Proximus lines or services subscribe to a 24-month contract.
When the service is terminated, the customer must return the device linked to the service to Proximus.

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