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Mobile Back-up

Continue your activities even in case of an outage

Back-up connection on your Internet line
Automatic and instant activation in case of an outage
No interruption of your online services
Free mobile data during the back-up

How does it work?

Optional on Internet Pro+, Internet Pro+ Fiber, Internet Pro+ Schools and included in Enterprise Call&Surf packs, Mobile Back-up works on our mobile data network and therefore quite apart from your fixed Internet network.

Before installing Mobile Backup, we test the mobile coverage and connects a device on the router.

As soon as the router detects an Internet transmission failure, it will automatically switch to the mobile network and vice versa as soon as the main Internet connection is restored.


With Internet Pro+, Internet Pro+ Fiber and Internet Pro+ Schools

€20 /month

With a Enterprise Call&Surf pack



On an existing Internet Pro+ line


One a new Internet Pro+ line


Example: despite an Internet connection failure your customers can simply continue paying via Bancontact as Mobile Back-up switches over to the mobile network immediately.

Want more information?

Contact your account manager or send us an e-mail.

Impact of an Internet outage for enterprises


can no longer continue their activities


start to lose money after 1 hour of outage


start to lose money after 4 hours of outage


have to work longer, to catch up on the lost time

Source: Beaming

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Without a reliable internet connection, a company can sometimes feel paralyzed. In Schoten, Digimax has opted for the Mobile Back-up solution.

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