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Subscriptions for smartphones

With a 4G coverage of 99.3%, our network offers the best coverage in Belgium
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Included: free access to more than 1 million Wi-Fi Hotspots!

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How can I check my mobile data consumption?

Stay informed about your usage


Thanks to the MyProximus application, you can obtain an overview of your calls, messages (SMS and MMS), and Internet usage at any time, with a single click.

SMS alerts

You regularly receive a text message indicating your data usage in Belgium and abroad, 24/7. This is an automatic service, so you don't have to do anything for it.

Surfing limit

Your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 (incl. VAT) while abroad. You will be alerted by SMS.  The surfing limit applies until the next billing period. 

(De)activate the surfing limits

Want to activate/deactivate the surfing limit? Contact your Account Manager or call our customer service on 0800 22 200 (+32 475 15 60 00 abroad).

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​General conditions

Mobile Internet

  • This offer is available as of 14 November 2016. Possible granted discounts on the subscription fee of the National Mobile Internet for smartphones or tablet & laptop rate plans are not applicable on the current rate plans.
  • Mobile Internet on smartphone subscriptions are billed for a complete month (even during the incomplete months of activation and deactivation). 
  • The included volume can be used 24/7. For each additional MB you pay €0.05. In case you use more, the connection will not be cut but Proximus will reduce the maximum speed to 128 Kbps. 
  • The monthly volume included in the bundle is not carried over.
  • All prices are VAT excluded and valid for national use only. The rates are charged per 1 kB.

National Shared Data bundles

  • The included volume can be used 24/7. For each additional MB you pay €0.05. 
  • The monthly volume included in the bundle is not carried over.
  • All prices are VAT excluded and valid for use throughout the European area. The rates are charged per 1 kB.

Average speed

  • The independent agency Commsquare regulary executes tests and measurements all over the country, both in cities and communities and on the road.
  • The latest measurements were executed by Commsquare between 18/04/2017 and 15/05/2017. Below you can find some results of these tests. The maximum estimated up and downloadspeeds represent the average speeds users experience on our network.
  • Mobile Internet on a 4G smartphone
    • Maximus estimated downloadspeed: 39,0 Mbps
    • Maximum estimated uploadspeed: 17,5 Mbps
  • Mobile Internet on a 3G smartphone
    • Maximus estimated downloadspeed: 10,6 Mbps
    • Maximum estimated uploadspeed: 2,8 Mbps

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