Meeting Services

Meeting Services

Meeting Services

A simple, effective and low-cost way to collaborate


  • Easy to activate and use
  • Pay-as-you-use Audio Meeting and Web Meeting, no fix costs
  • A competitive fixed monthly amount for Personal Video and Webex
  • You can organize audio, web and video conferences at any time
  • Participants join with a regular phone, from any PC or mobile device, or from a standard video conferencing room. Meeting was never so easy
  • A complete choice of audio, web, video and event services
  • A wide range of supported devices: a phone, PC or Mac is sufficient to be able to participate
  • Interoperability with standard video conferencing solutions
  • Live BMS Service Desk available for each question to prepare and during a conference

Audio & Web Conferencing


  • Online application sharing, on a stand-alone basis or integrated in Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Meeting Center portal and productivity tools, offering extra features to conference participants.
  • A simple solution to organize audio and web conferences using any type of telephone and PC, whether for just a few participants or for groups of more than 100 people.


Meeting Services WebEx offers audio conferencing from any fixed or mobile phone


  • Impact of high-quality presentation, document, application, and desktop sharing
  • Flexibility of use via any web browser
  • Very intuitive meeting management thanks to the control panels
  • Application integration, high-quality video and Meeting Spaces, allowing you to perfectly prepare and organize your conference.
  • On-demand record, edit and playback
  • Integrated with MS Office®, MS Outlook®, Lotus Notes®
  • Integration with a range of smartphones including Blackberry and iPhone
  • Local audio access numbers to join meetings
  • SMS conference invitation option
  • Dial-in and call-back audio conferencing
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • Multiple languages
Advantages WebEx

Personal Video

Meeting Services Personal Video offers you high quality video conferencing from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, over any network, without any additional hardware investment. As a user you can invite other Personal Video users, video conferencing room systems and guests who may not have any tools or experience with video conferencing.


  • No investment needed in your own video conference infrastructure, nor in the management and maintenance. The service is based on a software license cost per user per month.
  • System can travel with you at home, in small remote offices, in hotels and on the road
  • Universal access: on all devices and over different networks: WAN, LAN, Internet, and 3G/4G
  • Integration with specific customer applications makes it possible to build projects, tailored to your needs
  • Participants - even those in other organizations - can participate in a multi-party video conference
  • Can easily be scheduled in Microsoft Outlook, via software plug-ins
  • Up to 100 participants possible, with an optimized video quality, that adapts to the capabilities of each endpoint and the available network infrastructure
  • Easy interconnect with other videoconferencing room based systems

Request your trial account via: or 0800 17 746

Meeting Services Event Team

We know that strategic communication is vital for your business. Whether you are organising an online conference for thousands of people or needing extra assistance for a smaller webinar, the Meeting Services Event Team will help you every step of the way to deliver a first-class presentation.

  • Preparation and invitation
  • Scripting and quality testing
  • Moderation, follow-up and full monitoring and support by an Event Operator
  • Delivering your message through a fully assisted audio conference
  • Accessing from any country in the world by phone
  • Presenting slides, documents, images, web content and even webcam video of your speakers
  • Delivering Live feedback from attendees with survey, polling and chat features

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