Recognizable numbers

For better communication

  • Unique and easy to remember
  • Easy to manage

Marketing numbers

Marketing numbers are virtual, so you decide which numbers you use for which services.

Proximus offers a platform to manage the calls, no extra investments are needed. Intelligent backend routing is based on opening hours, region, languages, ...

Service numbers


for Belgium only
  • For services and information
  • Free for the caller, all the costs are for you
  • Only usage in Belgium
  • Direct available (24h)

As of 25 /month


Belgium and abroad
  • For services and information
  • Caller pays the (normal) national rate, the rest will be paid by you
  • Available from other countries, ideal for international oriented companies or webshops
  • Direct available (24h)

As of 15 /month

070 & 090x numbers

General information, games, Competitions & other leisure services as well as Adult services

Proximus can provide you with a Money Collector role regarding any service you want to offer through 070 or 090x numbers. Though, these numbers are subject to a code of conduct(PDF, 1MB). You may not use any type of number for any type of service at any rate.

Revenues as part of your earning model

In accordance with the applicable laws and above code of conduct, you will receive the collected amounts from all the Belgian callers. These collecting amounts are fixed amongst all Belgian operators regardless of the calling volume.


  • You will be invoiced for the usage of the Proximus platform allowing this collecting facility and making the routing of the calls possible
  • Several tariffs are available depending on the type of number as well as the volume of generated usage

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