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Enterprise Voice

For telephone exchanges

Enterprise Voice is the new high-quality VoIP (Voice over IP) access line for all telephone exchanges (ISDN, IP, from Proximus or another provider) for all your fixed telephone calls via your Internet line.

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Advantages & Features

  • Two free phone numbers.
  • No fixed telephone line needed.
  • This IP technology is ready for future network developments.
  • You can receive up to 16 simultaneous communications, which corresponds to the average telephony needs of a company with about 50 employees.
  • Your monthly Internet volume is not affected by your calls via IP Telephony.
  • The Forum 5000 and Forum 700 IP telephone exchanges combined with Enterprise Voice enable you to optimize your phone reception (music on hold, voicemail, interactive reception menu, etc.).
  • Exclusive access to special VoIP rate plans.
  • Free smart services (CLIP, messaging, call forwarding, call waiting, etc.).
  • Three-party conference call (free)
  • PhoneMail® : voicemail calls you for free to transfer a message left on your voicemail
  • Find out who is calling you
  • Forward your calls
  • Call Waiting
  • With an alarm system or a payment terminal, your b-box modem must always be on (except in case of optional UPS batteries).
  • Calls via other operators (15xx and 16xx) are not possible.

Further information

  • Working alone or you only need one line? Choose the IP Telephony Mono.
  • You work alone or in pairs? IP Telephony Duo offers two lines (two numbers) for two employees or a separate private line and professional line.
  • Do you have an ISDN PABX (from Proximus or another provider, up to 16 voice channels or 8 ISDN-2)? The Integrated Access Device (IAD): Bizz IP Box ISDNoIP-2 (€6.5/month) connects your modem/router to the exchange, allowing you to benefit from Enterprise Voice services on your ISDN exchange.
  • Do you have an IP PBX (from another provider than Proximus)? The Integrated Access Device (IAD): Bizz IP Box Other IPBX (€6.5/month, up to 30 channels) or Bizz IP Box SBC (€22/ month, 60-120 channels) connects your exchange to the modem/router, allowing you to benefit from Enterprise Voice services on your IP exchange.

Find out more! Download the IP Telephony brochure (.pdf French / Dutch)

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