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Let students surf safely

Internet for schools

Laptops and digital learning tools are increasingly becoming part of the school landscape. Opt for a fully secure and fast Internet connection for your school.

Our powerful Wi-Fi solution can handle up to 750 users, making it ideal for teaching staff and students alike.

Internet Pro+ School

High-performing connection for your school
  • Unlimited volume
  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 40 Mbps upload speed
  • Up to 32 fixed IP addresses included
  • Router included
  • Integrated firewall
  • Repair within 5 working hours
  • Back-up option in case of failure
Free installation


Wi-Fi for Schools

Options for an all-in solution
  • Connection throughout the school
  • Strict standards for absolute security
  • Up to 25 access points or about ± 750 users

Rate based on your needs and the layout of the premises following a site survey

Why a site survey?

Wi-Fi technology is sensitive to the environment of the site, the layout of the buildings, the construction materials, etc. That’s why, before any Wi-Fi deployment project, we conduct a thorough on-site survey to define:

  • The equipment;
  • The required specifications;
  • The incurred costs.

This allows us to ensure that the coverage will meet all your mobility needs.

Mobile Back-Up

Continue working in case of a failure

Choose Mobile Back-Up as an option on Internet Pro+ Schools:

  • Back-up connection on your Internet line
  • Runs on the Proximus mobile data network
  • Immediate, automatic activation

Pay a one-time installation charge of €100 per existing line.
The subscription fee of €20/month covers the mobile data traffic in case of a breakdown.

Customer story

Wi-fi at 'De Linde' primary school in Lubbeek

Laptops and digital learning resources are increasingly part of the school landscape. Looking for an effective connectivity, director Lieven Vanoyenbrugge from the primary school De Linde in Lubbeek spoke with Proximus. "Our old infrastructure did not provide full coverage and every new connection was delaying the speed of uploads and downloads. The solution that Proximus proposed solved all our problems."

Read more about the high-performance Wi-Fi system


Internet access

Unlimited volume: unlimited use of the service for personal use only and in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The attained speeds do not change and are not influenced by the volume downloaded.

Download speed: the indicated speeds are maximum speeds. For more information, see

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