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Innovation is the fruit of new associations

Co-creation is the fruit of new encounters. Combining ideas, technologies and expertise is the best way to find innovative solutions to tomorrow's challenges. Whether technological or strategic, open partnerships are the key to value creation today.

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ThinkThings 2021

The recipe for success in innovation? Bringing thinkers and doers together and mixing them with wild ideas and new technology. And that's what makes co-creation so important.

On Thursday, November 25, during ThinkThings 2021, Belgian companies will recount how they are boosting their organisation in co-creation with partners and experts through the customized use of IoT, analytics, 5G and AI.

Be inspired with interesting panel discussions, keynotes and success stories.


Innovation thanks to different ways of co-creation

Technological toppers

What do drones, AI and 5G have to do with agriculture? Everything. Because, in cooperation with Robovision and ILVO, we strive for sustainable weed control. A good example of collaboration with local partners.

Digital doers

The digital doers form an ICT group of branches and local partners. They are experts who strive for innovation. Yes, even in your company. Schréder and Codit jointly developed the online smart lighting platform Exedra.

Joining forces to innovate

Through strategic partnerships in which everyone has their strengths. E.g. for smart sustainable buildings: here we combine our technological expertise, the know-how of BESIX and Belgian start-up i.Leco to create Aug.e., an important player in the energy transition.

Strong network partners

Are you ready to boost the Belgian economy and innovation? So are we. We are building the networks of the future together with partners. Thanks to partnerships with Eurofiber and Deltafiber, for example, the roll-out of fiber is being accelerated.

Co-creating, together with your company

Innovation? Yes, in co-creation with you! By accompanying you from the idea to the final realization. With our 5G innovation platform we develop your innovative 5G plans together. One example? The 3D visualization of construction projects together with Mr. Watts and Hooyberghs.

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