Hyperconverged infrastructure

Simplify your IT infrastructure

  • More affordable than a traditional IT network
  • Easily expandable storage and computing capacity
  • Better monitoring through a single platform

What is a hyperconverged infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a solution for organizations looking to simplify their IT infrastructure while reducing operational costs.

Unlike traditional data centers, which have separate silos for storage, computing power, and networking, each with its own software system, hyperconverged infrastructure consists of a fully integrated hardware package and a single layer of software.

Some HCI applications

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, a user's desktop does not run on a local computer, but on the server. Scalable HCI allows you to better support workloads.

Disaster recovery

Centrally manage the backup of your storage systems. Easily mirror your data to another location. This ensures that your data is always safe and available, even in case of force majeure.

Edge computing

Streamline data traffic from IoT devices. Process data on-site and offer local data analytics in real-time, without having to contact the data centre first.

Hybrid cloud

Whether you are already using a hybrid cloud or considering the transition, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is perfectly suited. Its nodes allow you to easily adapt your IT environment and offer optimal compatibility.

Our offer

In collaboration with our specialized partners, we collectively consider the best solution tailored to your enterprise's needs.

Converged infrastructure

FlexPod is a flexible infrastructure platform which was jointly developed by NetApp and Cisco and is made up of pre-sized storage, networking and server components.

Dell/EMC Vblock integrates high-performance storage and data protection. It helps you quickly modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure.

With Dell/EMC VSPEX, your business can start small and easily scale up when needed.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

The Cisco Hyperflex system integrates computer, networking and storage systems. This increases efficiency and allows for centralized management.

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Instead of purchasing servers, storage systems and a hypervisor separately, Dell/EMC VxRail provides all these components in one package.