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Hyperconnected Infrastructure

Manage data flows with a powerful ICT ecosystem

  • Performance & cost efficiency
  • Scalability & flexibility
  • Security & Data protection

What is a Hyperconnected Infrastructure?

A Hyperconnected Infrastructure is an ecosystem in which all things that can or must communicate via a network interact with each other: machine-to-person, person-to-machine, machine-to-machine.

Constant connection between applications, devices and users is causing a data explosion which has an impact on your IT infrastructure. A dynamic and secure environment with end-to-end connectivity at high-speed and a multicloud strategy is essential.  


Why a hyperconnected infrastructure?

IT is becoming more and more complex. It requires the adaptation of your operational processes, which are increasingly data driven. In this way, it can be a major competitive advantage for your business.

You should look at your IT from a different perspective. Use the analytics of your infrastructure to gain more insight into how it works.

  • Speed up the implementation
  • Give your IT infrastructure a boost
  • Optimize your costs
  • Increase your performance
  • Mobilize the right resources according to your needs

This will allow you to automate in a more targeted way or even outsource. And reduce your costs.

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4 building blocks form the new DNA of your Hyperconnected Infrastructure


Choose the best cloud mix, depending on your application and service needs for:

  • more operational and financial flexibility, lower TCO
  • agility, innovation and data

Ubiquitous connectivity

Data is the new gold in our "always on" economy. More and more devices, sensors, and applications are connected. Connectivity, whether fixed or mobile, is more crucial than ever.

A future-proof network offers better security, is software-based, anticipates, works smartly, and learns to adapt to data streams.

  • Turn your static E2E network into a dynamic and flexible system
  • Automate, program and manage your E2E network more quickly and safely

Connected objects

With IoT (Internet of Things), objects, machines and applications are connected with each other and can exchange data. Analyze the collected data to optimize and automate processes. This saves costs.

Thanks to a wide range of networks: mobile, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT and LoraWAN.


The more users, objects and applications are connected with each other, the more points that are at risk of a security breach.

Security at all levels is therefore an absolute must:

  • endpoints
  • devices
  • infrastructure
  • applications
  • network

Threats are immediately blocked and you deliver a flexible, predictive security environment.

Smart Building

"Smart Building" brings together all the elements of a Hyperconnected Infrastructure. In combination with IoT, Smart Building provides a mass of data. You can use that data to promote a new way of working, save costs, and make the work environment more pleasant.

  • With energy monitoring, you save costs and work in a more ecological way
  • Increase the comfort of your employees and visitors, thanks to data from the occupancy analysis
  • Analyze data to optimize the use of your building and reduce costs
  • Proactive maintenance prevents damage and smart cameras increase security

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