#NewPerspective on homeworking

“Now that our employees can work while on the move as well as at home, we’re able to offer our customers an even better service.”

Katrien Vereecken, Director General Functional Support, VDAB

VDAB constantly thinks about how it can deliver customers an even better service:

  • employees can work at job fairs or at employers
  • flexible way of working thanks to homeworking
  • IT and telecom solutions that are available at all times

Maximum flexibility and accessibility

To work just as flexibly and efficiently at home or on the move as in the office, VDAB employees need to have full access to their documents and need to use adapted devices. At the same time, all documents and sensitive date need to be 100% protected. So VDAB was looking for secure and reliable solutions without any additional costs.

“Four years ago we introduced Google Apps. This enabled our employees to have access to their documents easier when they were in office, but also when they were working remotely” says Paul Danneels, CIO at VDAB.

A new perspective with smart IT and telecoms

“But we also added a number of homeworking solutions from Proximus,” says Guido Sad, Budget Manager at VDAB. “We chose to offer our employees an internet connection at home and their mobile internet is charged at more advantageous professional rates, allowing VDAB to keep costs under control.”

Paul Danneels, CIO, adds: “Our 4700 employees could choose a mobile device from our portal site. We ensured that we could support these technological choices, both in the fields of security and accessibility. And above all: mails, documents and their agenda are now available in the cloud, 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, in short we offer the necessary support to workers and colleagues who are on the move and who telework from home.”

Solutions for home or mobile working that deliver

Katrien Vereecken, Director General Functional Support at VDAB: "The big advantage for VDAB is accessibility, both to colleagues and to our customers. We are present where our expertise is needed, and so we can provide better services. Thanks to the homeworking solutions we offer, our employees can have more freedom to work at job fairs, at employers or from home. They can reach each other and their documents from wherever they are without ever having to come in to the office. So they can do more in less time, thereby increasing productivity.” And all at no additional cost to the VDAB.

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