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Access to data everywhere: essential for digital health care

Access to data everywhere: essential for digital health care

Mobile apps that monitor specific health parameters not only make life easier for patients but also offer access to all the data via Wi-Fi or the mobile network, even in hospitals.

Work smarter with collaboration tools

Fast communication between teams and with patients is vital in the health sector. Benefit from a whole range of services that improve collaboration: call center, appointment management, digitally-equipped operating rooms, etc.


A phone call can save lives!

Thanks to Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU), employees are accessible at all times on their professional number and on the device of their choice – fixed or mobile.

The patient feels at home in the hospital

The patient feels at home in the hospital

Patients want the possibility to surf the net, make calls, watch their favorite programs, and consult important information about their hospital stay. This is all possible, thanks to our professional entertainment solutions.


Connected things for real-time care

Connected things for real-time medicine

Are the cooling rooms at the right temperature? When should the waste containers be emptied? This, and much more, can be monitored using sensors that send real-time information via Proximus' IoT network.


More data for a better diagnosis

With the rise of new applications, more and more data is generated. Evolving data forms the basis of a correct diagnosis. All this data has to be stored and must be easy to consult.

Informing and monitoring patients

Informing and monitoring patients

Multimedia, medical imaging and online tools improve the way care providers collaborate with each other and with their patients. To absorb the flow of data, you need a fast and reliable network: optical fiber.


Why choose us as partner?

Build new forms of relationship with your patients

We have extensive knowledge of the needs of health-sector organizations, more specifically in the modernization of digital health files, the application of digital strategies and the optimization of technological infrastructure.

We have the tools and competencies to help you with the transformation of IT systems, the choice of IT technology and the support and implementation of solutions for treating patients.

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Customer stories

Mobile Unification at the intercommunal ISPPC (in French)

ISPPC is an intermunicipal health service that manages hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, crèches and youth care centers. In order to optimize mobility and communication, the intermunicipal company combined the fixed and mobile networks with national coverage.

Special TV platform for seniors

Digital television is an interactive communication channel and gateway to the outside world. In order to make it more accessible to seniors, Proximus has developed a specific TV platform.

End-to-end solution for digital transformation in the healthcare sector (in French)

EpiCURA is a hospital network in the district of Mons-Borinage and Ath. Spread across 3 hospital sites and 7 satellite sites, the organisation has a total of 806 beds, 2,750 staff and 450 medical practitioners. Digital transformation in the healthcare sector is an integral part of a global strategy focused on the patient.

Data protection in healthcare (in French)

The digitization of healthcare obliges hospitals to process and store an increasing amount of medical data. Since the reform of the European data protection legislation GDPR, they have to monitor the security of that data more strictly.


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