Digital transformation in the health sector

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Invest in digitization

A growing aging population, an increase in the number of chronically ill people, health care costs that are skyrocketing, health care workers under constant pressure. The challenges facing our health care industry are significant.

If we want to face up to them as a sector, we will have to increase our investments in digitization. Smart, digital technologies create room for health care personnel to put patients, residents, and their loved ones first. Let’s give them the human attention they deserve.

Key elements

Guaranteed, secure and continuous connectivity

Connectivity solutions such as fiber, SD-LAN/SD-WAN and 5G ensure continuity for your organization. This is crucial within a health care sector that is increasingly digitizing. How well connected is your organization?

Optimized collaboration and information sharing

With the right Cloud and Storage solutions, collaborating inside and outside an organization becomes easy. How about your organization?

From smart telephony to IoT

Digital tools and technologies support your staff. So they can focus, as much as possible, on the care of their patients. Are your employees already working smartly?

The patient is key

Health care organizations are increasingly placing the experiences of patients, residents and visitors first. How do you approach that?

Innovative solutions for patients

Prevention is better than cure, they say. That is why, as a society, we invest in preventive health care. But this can only be realized with more and smarter technologies. How innovative is your healthcare offering?

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E-Health and digital health

Digital health is about aligning digital technologies to serve physicians and patients while making them more accessible.

This e-book gives you an overview of the opportunities, key players and challenges facing the health care sector today.

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Proximus wants to play a facilitating role in accelerating digital transformation and driving innovation in health care, for the benefit of both doctors and patients.

Guillaume Boutin - CEO of the Proximus Group


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