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A small step for your company, a large one for our planet

ICT products and services can enable a 20% reduction of global CO2 emissions by 2030

Proximus is therefore convinced that proactive commitment towards the environment, in partnership with its customers, is important for sustainable growth. With that in mind, we have developed solutions for you and your company with the potential to reduce your financial burden and environmental footprint.

100% renewable energy

The networks and data centers of Proximus are powered by certified renewable energies.

Concerned solutions

Energy consumption

Reduce both your energy expenditure and your CO2 emissions by opting for example for Proximus vDatacenter.

Concerned solutions

Save on travel

Save time, money and protect the environment by opting for example for Proximus Videoconferencing.

Concerned solutions


Do more with less material. Save on the purchase and management of physical material by opting for example for ProxiCloud vDesktop.

Concerned solutions

Environmental footprint

Reduce your company's environmental footprint (e.g. less paper) by opting for e-Invoicing.

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