The future of voice telephony

From Telephony to IP

From Telephony to IP

We constantly work to improve and upgrade our network

"Ready for the future with Voice over IP technology

The way we communicate in our business environment has evolved completely. This can call for a renewal of the IT and network infrastructure. More and more companies indeed choose to integrate enterprise communications on an IP platform. For end users this transition offers nothing but benefits"

Network modernization

White paper

This white paper outlines the history of the communication network.

"Previously the network was used solely for the transfer of voice. Since the advent of the computer in the seventies, network capacity is also needed to transfer data. The need for data transmission capacity increased with the evolution of computers, operating systems and applications. The traditional copper technologies no longer suffice and make place for a fiber network with an all IP platform."

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Enterprise Voice

Simplify your telephony infrastructure with IP telephony.


Guarantee an excellent customer contact with an exchange that fits your business needs.

Unified Communications

Communication tools in order to stimulate efficient cooperation between employees, clients and partners.

Optical fiber

Your business at light speed. Optical fiber offers professional customers a host of possibilities for an easy way of working. 

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about Network modernization and migrations towards IP

Why is Proximus modernizing its network?
  • Proximus constantly works to improve, optimize and upgrade its network. In 2016 we will change, update and migrate various services on our IP network, from massive optical fiber roll-outs and ADSL client upgrades to faster VDSL & VDSL2 and the phasing out of older technologies.
  • This ties in with our "Move to all IP" transformation project, driven by three main factors:
    • Customer satisfaction: Our absolute priority is to deliver the “Best Network Experience” to all our customers, both in terms of fixed and mobile connectivity and data and voice.
    • Market evolution: IT applications are evolving. Not only is the quantity of data travelling over networks rising exponentially year over year, but the quantity of “connected” devices, sensors and objects (IOT) is also increasing at a rapid pace. Proximus is thus compelled to follow suit and have its network evolve to be future-proof.
    • Evolution of technology providers: Global manufacturers of network components and communication equipment (call controls and telephone exchanges for instance) are evolving towards IP technology, gradually phasing out analog and digital connectivity equipment.
Is Proximus stopping support on ISDN2 (basic access) voice access and forcing customers that currently use ISDN2 to migrate to Voice over IP technology?

Not at all; from 1 January 2017 Proximus will merely be integrating existing ISDN voice access on the VoIP network. Support of customers with ISDN2 (basic access) lines will continue to be ensured.

For customers that subscribe to Proximus voice services after January 2017, this implies that they will be able to order VoIP lines or ISDN30 on PRA.

I currently have ISDN2 lines (basic access) and an ISDN telephone exchange with Proximus. What will happen with my current ISDN lines and exchange? Do I need to do anything?
  • Nothing changes for our existing customers on ISDN2. Proximus will continue to support and maintain ISDN2 lines and ISDN telephone exchanges for many years to come. Onsite infrastructure will not need to be adapted. If any changes occur in the support policy of ISDN2, Proximus will inform all customers sufficiently in advance.
  • Moving forward in time though, the renewal date of your telephone exchange contract is a great moment to consider modernizing your infrastructure by switching to an IP telephone exchange. This will guarantee your business remains future-proof. Proximus can support you in selecting the best option based on your business needs.