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Integrated tools in Office 365

Work more efficiently in the cloud

Always accessible with Smart Call
  • Take your landline number everywhere: With Smart Call, your employees are always available on a fix and mobile device via the same fix number.

Guaranteed quality of your phone calls when the available bandwidth is shared with videoconferencing.

From telephony to Voice over IP (VoiP)

More and more companies choose to have data and telephony run over one integrated IP platform.

  • You only need to maintain a single network
  • There is a positive impact on call costs, especially for communication with international offices because the same private virtual IP network (VPN) is used
  • The integration between data and speech facilitates the step Fix-Mobile Unification. Fix and mobile numbers are connected to each other, so that you can always be reached regardless of the number upon you are being called.

Enterprise Voice is a Voice over IP solution where you can make up to 120 calls at the same time. 

Enterprise Voice

An important advantage of VoIP is the cooperation with other applications: voicemail via e-mail, dynamic call routing based on your calendar, click-to-dial, pop-up on incoming calls, etc.

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Modernization of the network

We are working on an extensive modernization program for infrastructure and services. Thanks to 'Move to all IP' we are evolving towards a brand new network with IP, ethernet and fiber.

Optic fiber all the way to your company

By 2018, all voice communication on this new network will take place via the internet protocol VoIP, which also applies to data communication (e-mail, web, video ...).

Advantages of IP technology
  • New generation services to support professional activities
  • Improvement of the infrastructure, higher speed and faster intervention during breakdowns
  • Guaranteed and managed voice communication (QoS)

Simultaneously with this evolution of the IP platform, our access networks are gaining more and more bandwidth (eg VDSL2 / FO).

Customer stories

Call management at Konvert

Konvert Interim has opted for a new telephone exchange which is managed from the headquarters and is linked to all its offices through the Explore network.

Carpal and the Cloud

To realise their digital transformation, companies are ever more relying on a partner. Carpal chose Proximus ICT Expert Vandenabeele for this.

Mobility at Turbo’s Hoet

For the digital transformation of its mobile reachability, Turbo’s Hoet counts on the expertise of Proximus.

Connectivity at Beobank

The Beobank Pro Center is a consulting space designed for the professional customers of Beobank. For the connectivity and equipment of the Pro Centers, Beobank relied on Proximus.

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