High-performance connectivity
Access everywhere, indoors but also on the go
A partner at your side

Internet Pro and Pro+

Foolproof internet

Set-up from A to Z
  • Installation and configuration of the modem or router.
  • Connection of the various peripherals.
Professional support, day and night
  • Helpdesk available 24/7 by phone.
  • Experts specially trained.
Guaranteed repair time
  • Guaranteed repair within five working hours in case of faults.
  • Or, failing that, a free temporary solution via the mobile network.
Free IT assistance
  • One free telephone assistance session per month. Our specialists will answer all your questions about your computers and IT infrastructure (PC, printer, virus,…).
  • If necessary, intervention at your office. A supplement is to be paid.

Combine your connectivity with your wireless network?

Standard rates

Prices excl. VAT

Do you prefer to choose and manage your router yourself?

Mobile Back-up option

Continue your activities even in case of an outage

Sometimes your Internet connection might go down briefly. No panic, Mobile Back-up will automatically switch to a (mobile) 4G connection.

  • You pay a one-time installation charge of €100 per existing line
  • The subscription fee of €20 /month covers the 4G data traffic in case of a failure
  • NB: Mobile Back-up is only compatible with an Internet Pro+ subscription

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Other useful Internet options

Additional IP addresses

Internet Pro+ comes with a fixed IP address. This allows you to remotely access your server via an internet connection. Do you have several servers, e.g. for your website, e-mail or surveillance cameras, and do you wish to remotely have access to these date, you'll need several IP addresses. This is possible with the option IP Pack.

  • Available for Internet Pro+ and Internet Pro+ Essential
  • 4 to 32 additional IP addresses
  • Subscription: €25/month

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Rock-solid cyber protection
A protection of your PC and mobile devices

  • Complete protection against spam, viruses, phishing, personal data theft, etc.
  • Remote location of your device if it is lost or stolen.
  • A single subscription to protect up to five devices.
  • €4.13/month excl. VAT
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Optimal indoor coverage

Despite the quality of our mobile network, the signal can be weak inside buildings with good insulation or concrete walls. With the Mobile Coverage Extender Pro use your internet connection to amplify the mobile signal within your company building. The Mobile Coverage Extender Pro provides a 3G signal up to 30 meters inside your company.

  • It connects directly to your modem or router.
  • Reach of 20 to 30 meters and coverage up to 1,000 m² depending on the building.
  • Up to 16 simultaneous users for calls or data.
  • €25/month.

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Customer story

Investing in a high-speed Internet solution

To enable academics from around the world to share their knowledge, the University Foundation provides all the best that technology has to offer for exchanging information in real time: multimedia, Skype, streaming and videoconferencing.

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Packs for employees

Packs for employees

Remunerate your employees with fringe benefits


Valid promotion during one year for all new signed contracts.

Download speed: The indicated speeds are maximum speeds. For more information, see www.proximus.be/internetspeed

Mobile Internet: if the volume is used up: €0.083 per additional MB. Only for use in Belgium. In order to enjoy Mobile Internet you need a modem or a device with integrated 3G/4G technology. You need to combine a mobile phone subscription in a Pack with Office&Go, as well as a compatible device in order to surf with your smartphone via the 3G/4G network.

Repairs within 5 working hours: In case of an incident with the Internet access or one of the Internet services (e-mail) you can count on a guaranteed repair within 5 working hours (not on Sundays and public holidays) if the incident is reported before 5 p.m. (before 1 p.m. on Saturdays). If it cannot be restored within the agreed timeframe, we will temporarily restore it via the 3G/4G network.

IT Assistant: IT assistant helps you to solve all IT-issues, such as configuration of your internet, PC, Windows 8, connecting printers, etc. If an intervention at your premises is required, charges will apply. If the issue you called us for reoccurs a second time, and if you call us back within 7 days, we will solve the issue free of charge. The service can not be contacted for paying installations such as Microsoft Office 365, installation of your internet, etc.

Price excludes VAT.

Conditions IP Pack

Offer reserved for business customers.

IP Pack only available on Internet Pro+ Fiber connections.

The customer must fill in the IP Packs order form and explain his needs by describing his network. This will be verified by the competent services.

As a responsible member of the Internet community, Proximus fully complies with the directives of the IANA and RIPE NCC on the allocation of IP addresses and their routing. The number of available IPv4 addresses (32-bit addressing) keeps decreasing while demand is constantly growing. To allocate the addresses efficiently, RIPE (www.ripe.net) and other organizations responsible for registration and monitoring closely adhere to the directives cited in the main points of Internet Registries - IP allocation (see RFC2050). Moreover, Proximus and its customers are required to comply with these directives. Just as the competent authorities allocate IP addresses to Proximus (which rents them), the same applies to Proximus customers. The networks allocated to Proximus within CIDR (Classless Internet Domain Routing) blocks are non-transferable and therefore may not under any circumstances be allocated to another entity. Proximus reserves the right to resize or remove the address class(es) allocated to a given customer at any time and without prior notice.

The IP Pack will be configured remotely by Proximus at network level. The server must be configured by the customer.

The installation is always free of charge, whether the customer already has an Internet Pro+ Fiber connection, or acquires his IP Pack at the same time as his Internet connection.

Price excludes VAT.

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