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The digital era has arrived

Everything is faster, smarter and more efficient

We are evolving from a supplier of connectivity and products to a provider of digital services and platforms. Our ambition?

  • Connect everyone and everything
  • Surprise you with our digital innovations and solutions
  • Provide an excellent service, both online and offline
  • Speed up a number of processes with handy DIY tools
  • Reduce administration

Invoice Insights

The new smart invoice viewing and analysis tool

We want to reduce the administrative burden in your company and focus on creating useful new solutions with you which are tailored to your digital future. Manage your mobile invoices more quickly and easily with Invoice Insights Essential, Plus and Advanced!


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The Essential, Plus and Advanced packages are do-it-yourself solutions. You prefer to outsource the management of your invoices? Choose for our Invoice Managed Services.

Jump on the digital train!

Want to jump on the digital train and give us your opinion about our new solutions? Sign up for our workshops at dieter.depauw@proximus.com.

Digital bill

Quick and easy

The bills arrive by e-mail, via Zoomit, or via a service provider such as Basware. You receive your bill in your Basware portal or directly in your accounting software. This applies to both fixed and mobile bills. You receive your ICT bills via Basware.


Time-saving, a clear overview, easy to manage, and useful storage.


The risk of mistakes is significantly reduced. Many accounting packages automatically check the order forms and delivery bills linked to a bill. That way, you are 100% sure that everything is correct.


Electronic bills are simply much more sustainable than printed bills. In Belgium, around a billion bills are sent per year, so the savings in paper, and therefore trees, is enormous.

The digital era

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Also for your employees!

  • Draw up a list with the e-mails or IBAN numbers of your employees.
  • We will provide a webform which you can post on the intranet or distribute via e-mail. Employees can sign up individually.
  • On request, we can invite your employees by SMS to activate their electronic bill via the web form.

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