Internet equipment

Routers and modems

Routers and modems

Stay onnected to the Internet everywhere via the 3G network, or choose the superfast 4G network. If your tablet or laptop does not have a built-in modem, you can still use 3G and 4G via a router or modem. Share your 3G or 4G mobile Internet connection with friends, use it with different devices via Wi-Fi, or choose a modem for individual use. You don't have access to mobile Internet yet? Choose the subscription that suits you best.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband K5160 USB Modem

Vodafone Mobile Broadband K5160 LTE 4G USB

  • 4G
  • Highest speed stick maintaining technology leadership position
  • Supports 800, 1800 et 2600 Mhz LTE bandwidth
  • Download speed: max. 150 Mbps
  • Upload speed: max 50 Mbps
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R216h 4G-router

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot VF R216h

  • Share your 4G mobile Internet broadband connection with colleagues or different devices via Wi-Fi
  • Up to 10 users
  • All you need is one Mobile Internet subscription
  • Surf, read your e-mails, upload or download heavy files such as images
  • Micro SD card for sharing files