Digital Media

Digital Media

Proximus Business TV

Distribute and manage digital content on all your screens


  • The possibility to connect an unlimited number of TV sets
  • Simplicity and convenience: Proximus takes care of the installation, the configuration, the technological support, and the licenses for broadcasting rights in public spaces
  • Central management of your TV stock: the set-up of the channels, the language choice, and the configuration of the decoders (set-top boxes)
  • The possibility to consolidate your TV and other ICT services (other applications, Internet traffic, IP telephony, etc.) on your existing IP network
User advantages
  • A large choice of radio and TV channels
  • High user satisfaction: a simple user interface, clear program guide, and one remote control for both the TV and set-top box
  • Access to your own information channel (e.g. information about the menu or the day's activities) so that your guests can find information when and where they need it
  • Digital TV over IP or coax from 50 TVs and up
  • Over 65 channels, many in HD and including your regional channel
  • Over 20 radio channels
  • Digital sound and tone quality
  • Fiber-optic connectivity brings TV signals to your building
  • TV signals are distributed over your internal IP network via a router
  • Mini decoder which is easy to store away behind the TV screen
  • Central management application allowing you to control your TVs individually, per group/location
  • Compliant with broadcasting rights through decryption of the encoded TV signals at set-top box level
  • A module which allows you to easily create internal channels which support both static and dynamic content
  • Customization of the end-user interface to reflect your branding

Digital Signage

Communicate targeted messages in specific locations, to target groups, at specific times


  • Specific messages according to target group, time and location
  • Cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution than (printed) notices
  • Dynamic content which can be adapted at any time
  • Interactive possibilities to increase the target group's involvement
  • All display screens are connected via the Proximus Explore network, ensuring security and central management
  • Internal communication: corporate messages, production control, health and safety information, news, etc.
  • Public information: news, weather reports, local information, cultural announcements, etc.
  • Entertainment: video feeds, video clips, animated content, etc.
  • Advertising: image creation, promotional sales, stimulation of impulse buying, etc.
  • Customer experience: in waiting rooms, to give directions, give cooking demonstrations in grocery stores, etc.
  • Content management: with this your employees make the information pages appear at the right time on the right screen. To make the work as simple as possible, a number of standard templates are provided. This ensures that the communication always takes place in your house style
  • Content feed: automatic integration of news (BELGA), weather (MeteoServices) and/or information on traffic jams/speed traps (Be-Mobile) within an existing playlist. Proactive remote monitoring thanks to the Explore network
  • Screen grouping: the screens can be divided into groups. This allows you to easily manage your information pages in larger environments
  • Custom apps: in addition to the standard features described above, it is possible to develop business-specific apps
  • Video, audio, text, animations, html, etc. are among the possibilities

We can offer a complete solution for Digital Signage: network connectivity, system installation and support during the content creation.

We install the hard- and software, connect all your screens and help to develop your information pages. All screens in your offices or points-of-sale in Belgium are connected via the Proximus Explore network. This is much safer than over the Internet as everything is managed and monitored centrally. The bandwidth usage of Digital Signage is limited as the updating of the information pages is mainly done at off-peak moments, such as at night. Moreover, only the updated content is transmitted so no unnecessary data traffic is generated.

Streaming Services

Sound and image in real time, without having to download any files.


  • End-to-end managed solution: powerful connectivity solution, hosting and clear monitoring.
  • Multi-platform, multi-device & multi-player
  • A professional secure hosting environment, which is continuously monitored and managed by Proximus and connected to broadband networks as Internet
  • Detailed online reporting understands the behaviour of the viewers and therefore adapt the content to their needs.
  • Experience and references: for the past ten years Proximus has been a major player on the Belgian and European video and audio streaming markets.
  • Stream seamlessly to different devices (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV)
  • Stream video in different qualities simultaneously to keep maximum user experience


Internal communication

Video streaming provides a very quick and efficient way of sharing information and disseminating knowledge. Applications include management updates, company news, staff training modules, and internal meetings.

Conferences and events

Almost any physical event can be an interesting video streaming opportunity (live and/or on demand). The main reasons to consider broadcasting a conference or event as a webcast include increased exposure and the preservation and reuse of content and knowledge.

Sales & marketing

Video streaming is also useful for providing colleagues with periodic sales & marketing updates as well as for holding presentations, sharing manuals and providing training courses. In addition, video streaming is increasingly being used as part of companies’ content-marketing and lead-generation activities, although these often take the form of interactive webinars with a solely online audience.

E-learning and training

Used for training employees, agents, customers and/or suppliers all over the world. A video will always be more powerful and accessible than an instruction manual. Streaming lets you provide up-to-date training modules that can be used anywhere and in accordance with everyone's schedule. Streaming video helps organizations to acquire, preserve and share knowledge.

SMS Interactions

Your company is looking for innovative ways to reach its customers. You can communicate with your customers and offer them new products and/or services via SMS/MMS, thanks to the Proximus Direct-to-Customer Solutions.


  • Generate extra income
  • Stronger customer relations
  • Positive effect on the image of your brand or company
Examples of SMS/MMS services
  • Leisure services: horoscope, logos, ringtones, cartoons, etc.
  • Information services: sports, weather forecasts, financial information, traffic information, TV and cinema programs, etc.
  • Marketing: promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Warnings: bank account status, orders, etc.
  • Games: quizzes, contests, competitions, etc.

In this business model, the end user either pays when sending an SMS/MMS (e.g. voting) or pays for the SMS/MMS messages he receives after registering for an SMS/MMS service (e.g. newsletter via SMS/MMS). The income generated by these transactions is shared with your company, which receives 50% of the total income.

  • A technical platform of superior quality
  • Solution for payments made by the end user: Proximus charges the SMS/MMS service to the end user. You don't have to worry about micro transactions or minor payments.
  • Technical support: specialists are at the disposal of the customer service to answer any technical questions.
  • Customer service for end users: end users can use this service to find answers to any questions they may have.

We can help you develop new services and deploy them commercially. For more information about this solution please contact our Proximus Direct-to-Customer Solutions experts on: SMSapplication-sales@proximus.com or contact your account manager.

Customer stories

Residential care center De Buurt

Residential care center De Buurt takes its residents’ needs into account, also when it comes to ICT. The network provides a basis for services such as digital TV, telephony and Internet access.

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CHU Liege

For the past few years, CHU in Liege has been using the Proximus Business TV solution on all bedside terminals for patients at the rehabilitation center in Esneux CHU Liege, Ourthe-Amblève site.

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