Customer is king

Customer is king

#NewPerspective on customer service

“The same number for someone’s fixed and mobile phones is much more professional.”

Gunther Bamelis, CEO of ’t Veer

’t Veer is bespoke solutions company in Menen, Belgium. It employs almost 700 disadvantaged people on 4 sites of which 100 at customer sites. The challenge: organise efficient communications internally and with customers:

  • linking fixed and mobile calls was not efficient if you were on the road a lot
  • with less than optimum phone reception a lot of calls were diverted, put on hold or lost

The answer laid in a professional telephony solution which allowed the ‘t Veer team to work more intelligently and deliver better customer service.

Work smarter with the same number for mobile and fixed

Gunther Bamelis, CEO, ’t Veer: “To work more efficiently, everyone who travels a lot got the same number for their fixed and mobile phones. And we got a new, advanced telephone exchange to coordinate it all seamlessly.”

“If someone calls me now, my mobile and fixed lines ring simultaneously. I can answer anywhere. No more diverting from fixed to mobile to voicemail. Customers are helped faster and our internal communications are a lot smoother”.

One thoughtful, integrated IT and telecoms solution

Gunther Bamelis, CEO, explains, “We really needed to work with our customers professionally. So we needed a new telephone exchange which could combine fixed and mobile phones seamlessly and guarantee a flawless data flow. Only Proximus could provide professional help. There was no loss of time, no problems or extra costs!”

Hans Mestdagh, Proximus Account Manager: “The starting point is listening to the customer’s real needs. Especially if they know little about IT. Some employees were given the same number for fixed and mobile. Others chose a single mobile number. Fewer lines meant a lower bill and better collaboration.”

Smart, perfectly tailored to the customer, and future-proof

“It starts with optimum reception and audio quality,” explains Katelijne Blondeel, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the system. “And there’s more. Every day, we see how handy it is to organise everything via a single point. We can make most adjustments ourselves and if there’s a problem, we’re helped quickly and efficiently.”

“And think of the future together of course,” adds CEO Gunther Bamelis. “So we chose an easily expandable telephone exchange and a microwave link for traffic between our sites. So we can connect the new 6,000m2 factory which we’re opening later this year without extra investment. Which makes it integrated and future-proof.

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