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Customer interactions

Improve your customer relationships

Manage your social posts centrally

Your invoices paid in the most easy way

Automate your administrative procedures

Curious how #interact works?

Contact center in the cloud

Easily integrate the latest technologies and digital tools with your existing systems

  • platform for your employees to handle customer requests in a very efficient way, across all channels
  • integrates artificial intelligence to obtain relevant information about your customers while quickly resolving their problems at the first contact
  • offers flexibility and scalability at lower initial costs
  • increases efficiency and facilitates compliance with your company's service level agreements (SLAs)
  • productivity gains because your agents have the right tools, training, information and feedback in real time

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One and the same environment for conversations on social networks

  • You receive, on a single interface, all messages sent by your customers through Chat, Facebook or Facebook Messenger
  • You answer their questions through the channel they prefer
  • You forward the messages to the right employee, based on language and competences
  • Employees can intervene when a conversation between user and chatbot seems to fail
  • The #Interact interface can easily be integrated into your existing systems


Dematerialize and send your mail online

  • Scan your documents (invoices, pay slips, invitations, etc.) and send them securely on the Proximus Docdrop platform
  • Choose your dispatch method: registered e-mail or not, personalized formula, letter by post, scan & pay, etc.
  • Proximus Docdrop then takes care of sending them to your customers
  • Send a text message online, an e-mail or a voice message as confirmation or an automatic reminder

SMS notification

Automation solution administrative procedures

  • Manage your appointment with an SMS so that your customers no longer miss their appointments and avoid wasting time
  • Manage unpaid invoices with a simple SMS for reminder and confirmation
  • Communicate effectively by SMS in crisis or emergency situations

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