Available communication APIs

  • Easy access to communication tools
  • Quick integration into your business
  • Digitize your customer interactions

Integrate Proximus communication technology in your own applications with our APIs

Use our communication APIs (Application Programming Interface) as digital building blocks to access Proximus communication solutions (fixed telephony, mobile telephony, numbers, SMS, etc.). You are now able to integrate them into your customer journeys and business applications. Discover the ready-to-use communication APIs available for your company.

Proximus FlexIO

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to integrate communications via the cloud into your customer journeys

  • Cloud based: activate within minutes
  • Full-fledged REST API catalogue
  • Customizable in your apps, websites, workflows
  • Visual drag-n-drop user interface
  • Your applications with Proximus network quality
  • Pay only for used services

Voice Callout

Call from your business applications with your existing company landline numbers

  • Integrate telephony in your applications
  • Click-to-call or fully automate calls
  • Use your existing numbers and price plan
  • Cloud-based: no development, no extra hardware
  • No installation needed, no extra fees

Fixed Mobile Unification

Integrate Fixed Mobile Unification of your mobile phones fleet into your business applications

  • Mobile phones integrated into your PBX phone system
  • Mobility status aligned with your business process
  • Event-based mobility decision rule
  • User-friendly mobile application and web portal
  • Professional and private call flows for optimal work-life balance

Let Proximus help you

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Register on our development platform and integrate the APIs into your own applications.

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Get inspired

What is an API?

You’ve probably heard of the term API, but you’re not quite sure what it is and how to use it? Read this article and get inspired!


  • Let your customers interact in full respect of their privacy by enabling private calls.
  • Build dynamic voice bots and interactive voice response systems that integrate with your back-end systems.
  • Have your system call or message your customers to let them know about updates to delivery plans.
  • Let customers call your voice system to take new orders or change their delivery address.


  • Let patients have a call with your internal planning system to automatically take appointments.
  • Have your planning system call or message patients to remind them of their upcoming medical appointments.
  • Allocate a unique on-duty phone number that will forwards calls to the right person based on your team calendar.
  • Protect people’s sensitive data by implementing two-factor authentication on your web sites and applications.

Financial services

  • Protect people's sensitive data by implementing two-factor authentication on your web sites and applications.
  • Trigger automated voice calls for due payment reminders to increase the likelyhood of your customer’s reaction.
  • Implement call queuing and call recording to boost your call center’s productivity.
  • Hand over chat conversations to phone calls.

HR services

  • Protect people's sensitive data by implementing two-factor authentication on your web sites and applications.
  • Filter and correctly sort incoming calls with an IVR and create conference rooms on the fly based on the needed interlocutors.
  • Record and archive calls to meet your auditing needs.
  • Remind and confirm appointments automatically with a text message or voice call.
  • Hand over chat conversations to phone calls.