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MyAssistant app

Simplify human resources procedures with the MyAssistant

MyAssistant is an intuitive application that gets your companies basic HR work done in an efficient and productive way, from anywhere at any time.

  • Request and approve holiday's, plan remote meetings, find meeting room, ...
  • Simplify complicated procedures for product orders, absence requests, homeworking approvals, ...
  • Setup a community or group chat via the app
  • Store company updates, policy documents, guidelines or training session info in one place

Voice Assist

Enlight your workload with Nikki, your new assistant

Nikki is a Voice Assistant with both human & digital flavor. Additional service on top of your telephone subscription (fixed or mobile) to enlighten your workload.

More efficiency

44% of employees think their workplace is not smart enough. By offering digital tools for optimal communication and collaboration, you allow them to be more efficient.



Voice Assistant to increase customer facing time, enhance customer experience and improve overall productivity.

  • Spend less time in administrative tasks
  • Make your team smarter by using Voice Assistant
  • Calls are more qualified and interesting

"Our sales team handles a lot of missed & time-consuming calls."

Customer service

Virtual Assistant to improve productivity, enhance customer experience and broaden overall service level.

  • Less calls for things that don't matter
  • Clients are helped immediately and transferred to the right department
  • Increase customer satisfaction

"Clients often call for the same questions, people and requests."


Voice Assistant for broaden internal service offering and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Your ICT Helpdesk is able work on dedicated tasks
  • Clients will be routed to the right competent person
  • You create a new digital look by differentiating yourself from other companies

"Our ICT Helpdesk often answers the same questions."

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