Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Simplify your hybrid cloud management

No more juggling between different cloud providers and interfaces. Our centralized management platform simplifies your cloud operations and promotes efficient resource utilization.

What is a Cloud Management Platform?

A Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is a uniforme interface designed to efficiently manage and optimize cloud resources and services.

A CMP provides a centralized interface that allows businesses to oversee and manage their entire cloud infrastructure, whether it spans multiple cloud providers or involves a hybrid cloud environment (combining on-premises, private and public cloud resources).

Cloud Management Platform advantages

No vendor lock-in

Switch and mix without vendor lock-in for agile ops and leverage a library of nearly 100 integrations.


Easily adapt with an extensible design and a vast no-code integration suite.

Cost efficiency

Optimize cloud spending with actionable insights, a powerful analytics module and budget controls.

Proximus CMP key features

Cloud Ops

  • Unified multi-cloud management: manage and orchestrate resources across various cloud environments from a single pane, enhancing visibility and control.
  • Automated resource provisioning: streamline deployments with automated provisioning, reducing manual efforts and accelerating delivery.
  • Intelligent auto-scaling: automatically adjust resource allocation based on demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Self-service catalog: empower users with on-demand access to cloud resources through a user-friendly self-service catalog, fostering agility and autonomy.

Pipeline Integration

  • Streamline software development and deployment, and use continuous integration and delivery pipelines to deploy any cloud infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): automate and manage infrastructure provisioning using code for consistency and speed.
  • Collaborative workflows: enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Sec Ops

  • Compliance management: initiate and manage compliance checks, ensuring your cloud environment aligns with industry standards and best practices.
  • Policy management: enforce security policies across your infrastructure.
  • Incident response automation: automate responses to security incidents, reducing the time from detection to resolution.

Fin Ops

  • Cost optimization tools: identify and eliminate wasteful spending with advanced cost optimization and analysis tools.
  • Budgeting and forecasting: set and manage budgets and forecast future spending with precision to align with financial objectives.
  • Chargeback and showback: allocate cloud costs to the appropriate departments or projects, promoting accountability and transparency.

CMP in the Proximus Cloud Hybrid environment

A schema of the Proximus Cloud Management Platform, encompassing housing, Proximus private cloud, Microsoft Azure public cloud, on-premise solutions, and Proximus Edge. The Proximus CMP ensures data security and continuous access through Proximus cybersecurity and connectivity services.

Our Cloud Management Platform offering

  • Pay-as-you-use billing: you are only charged for the resources you actively manage via our platform.
  • Flexible hosting options:
    • Shared platform: the CMP is hosted in infrastructure shared with other customers.
    • Dedicated platform: for organizations looking for sovereignty or businesses looking to manage a significant volume of workloads, the CMP can be hosted in a dedicated infrastructure.
  • Quick start training: to ensure your team can leverage our CMP’s added value asap.
  • Expert-led training sessions: we equip your team with in-depth knowledge to maximize the platform’s capabilities. Sold as additional consultancy service.
  • The Proximus CMP offer is combined with Proximus Private Cloud. Meaning that the Proximus CMP is always delivered with a Proximus Private Cloud configured as a Pay-as-you-use solution.
  • Named leader of Cloud Management Platforms in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, our CMP was also mentioned as representative solution in their Container Management Guide.

Why choose Proximus NXT for CMP?

  1. Reliability: we bring over 30 years in the cloud hosting and datacenter services, serving over 15,000 satisfied customers with a focus on security and data sovereignty.
  2. Flexibility: our flexible offering lets you customize your cloud services, integrating smoothly with cybersecurity and networking solutions.
  3. Quality: our commitment is underscored by ultra-modern server rooms (Tier III+), adherence to ISO standards, and comprehensive SLAs, backed by multilingual support.
  4. Scalability: our solution evolves and adapts easily with your business, ensuring a performant application environment.
  5. Credibility: our CMP is based on Morpheus Data which is positioned as leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Questions about cloud in your company?

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If you have questions about our solution or you’re ready to make your cloud infrastructure more efficient, our experts are here to guide you on this cloud journey.

Dive into the clouds: tailored solutions await

Private cloud

A fully protected and secure cloud environment used only by your company.

Public cloud

In the public cloud, you use a scalable shared infrastructure without you or your customers noticing.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud combines the advantages of private and public cloud environments.

Sovereign cloud

In the sovereign cloud, your business-critical data is hosted in the EU according to strict European regulations.