Doing business abroad

Doing business abroad

#NewPerspective on doing business abroad

“Even abroad, we are always online and accessible, without any surprise”

Jacques Van Bavel, Managing Director Van Bavel

A family business for three generations, Van Bavel specialises in gifts, premiums and promotional items. And for that, the company has to look abroad. So when Jacques Van Bavel and his colleagues are abroad:

  • the company must continue to function perfectly
  • costs cannot run too high

A search for cross-border solutions

Van Bavel works by offering each customer the most suitable proposal. “You can choose from a wide range of standard products,” says Jacques Van Bavel, “but we also have our own design team that can create a totally new solution for you, tailored to the client.” The production of these articles usually takes place in China, in other countries they visit many trade fairs for new trends and products.

“Besides myself, there are two colleagues who regularly travel abroad,” says Jacques Van Bavel. They visit suppliers in China and Hong Kong, but also in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Anytime, anywhere online, always available

“During our business trips we want to be available,” Jacques Van Bavel explains. “We work in a very competitive sector, and therefore we need to be on the ball.” When a customer asks a question, the Van Bavel team will respond with a quote within twenty-four hours, using their smartphone: "During a trip abroad, we cannot afford to see the e-mail traffic of the day in the evening,” says Jacques Van Bavel. In addition, he says “The quality of the connection is often poor. We wanted a leaner, more flexible solution.”

Communication and costs under control

Van Bavel therefore chose a Shared Data Roaming Pack, a flexible solution allowing employees to share roaming data volume. They now have continuous access to e-mail and the internet via smartphone when abroad, without the high costs of data roaming. “We’re always perfectly accessible for our employees and customers wherever we are,” says Jacques Van Bavel, “while still controlling the costs. We can adjust the volume per month and an individual activation is not necessary. If someone travels to Hong Kong, a call to our account manager at Proximus is sufficient to activate a global Shared Data Roaming Pack. So we never have any surprises.”

Van Bavel - Promotional items, premiums and gifts since 1953
Address: IJzerenweglei 2A B, 2640 Mortsel – 25 employees

Opt for a #NewPerspective on doing business abroad

Remain reacheable anywhere, without surprises on your bill

Rates abroad

Activate a roaming option adapted to your usage to call and surf abroad, or surf for free using our Wi-Fi hotspots

Manage your mobile invoices

Determine the amount you want to pay when your employee surf or calls abroad. Your employee will pay the rest

Your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 while abroad. Do you have an option for cheaper surfing? If so, this surfing limit applies when you exceed your bundle limit by €60. In addition, we will text you once you used 50% or 100% of your volume.

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