Audiovisual integration

Fully customized solutions
Complex integrations in a turnkey model
Improve communications and productivity

Enhance your virtual meetings

Looking to implement a full meeting room concept offering extra functionalities?

We offer audio-visual integration with endless customization possibilities, answering any specific requirements you may have.

What to expect

  • Screens, microphones, cameras and other collaboration and conferencing equipment
  • Special conferencing tables with microphones, touch panels, …
  • Room control systems for room booking, managing lights, screens, panels, sound …
  • Content sharing solutions
  • Central control rooms, translation services
  • Working with partners including among others: Barco,Crestron and Airtame
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Save time and money, and reduce your CO2 emissions

Discover how much time and money you can save, and how much you can reduce your CO2 emissions by holding online meetings.

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Customer story

NCI Agency

The NATO Communications and Information Agency, NCI Agency, is engaged in ongoing innovation with its trading partners. The idea is to optimize the use of videoconferencing for as many NATO personnel as possible.

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