Strong 4G network

Stay connected with customers and employees

Stay connected everywhere thanks to 4G

Stay connected everywhere thanks to 4G

Even in tunnels

Even in tunnels

Also inside

Also inside

Stay connected everywhere thanks to 4G

The best 4G- coverage

With a coverage of 99.3% of the Belgian population, BIPT proclaimed us the network with the best 4G range.

Network coverage map

The best 4G-coverage

Even where you don’t expect it

Top reception in tunnels

Be reachable everywhere without interruptions. We provide a top reception in the main tunnels, the Brussels small ring and the Antwerp Kennedy tunnel.

Also inside

The increasingly stringent insulation requirements make new office buildings almost impenetrable for mobile signals. Yet there are solutions:

Mobile Indoor Coverage

Today 4G, tomorrow 5G

4G Proximus

Faster and crystal clear calling

Proximus was the first to launch VoLTE (Voice over 4G).

  • Superior call quality
  • VoLTE calls are started faster
  • When you call via VoLTE you do not consume data, but just your call minutes. You do not have extra costs

4.5G Proximus

Super fast surfing

The roll-out of our 4.5G network has started. The first results show that 4.5G provides a spectacularly better user experience, with maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 900 Mbps. You must have a 4.5G compatible device.

5G Proximus

To surf even faster

5G achieves speeds of up to 70 gigabits per second.
That is more than 100 times faster than 4G. With these 5G speeds it is possible to download a movie in seconds.
5G, a technology of the future, is necessary for new applications such as self-driving cars and Internet of Things.

Related solutions

Mobile Coverage Solutions

Mobile Indoor Coverage

Optimal mobile coverage indoors too.

Roaming options

Roaming options outside EU

Call and surf cheaper from abroad thanks to a roaming option.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

Data exchange between machines, applications and objects.

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