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MyProximus website


Discover here all the possibilities of MyProximus

With MyProximus

  • Check your current usage
  • Consult your bill to control and manage your costs
  • Analyse  your mobile phone fleet thanks to Fleet Management
  • Add or remove options
  • Receive personal advices to of what fits you best
  • Save points and exchange them for gifts thanks to Bizz Club

Electronic bill


The electronic bill allows you to save time, access your bills online and help the environment.

All electronic billing solutions we offer you are secure and meet the legal conditions laid down in the European Directive on electronic billing.

Receive a legally valid bil and file them in a secure system with Zoomit and Bizz Mail.

Make payments in a few clicks with Zoomit.

If you wish to check and analyze your usage, Proximus makes the following tools available to you:

New: e-mail with link to your bill

From now on, you won’t receive the PDF document in your inbox anymore. We send you a direct link to the overview of your bills. No need to login in MyProximus!
That’s handy:

  • A clear overview of your bills, always available
  • Easy payment in a secure environment

Did you already receive your e-mail with the link? It’s not a phishing e-mail, don’t worry. Discover your overview page now!

Login to MyProximus now and benefit from all functionalities.

Accounting solutions

Discover how to consult and manage your bill and keep an eye on your usage. Choose the electronic bill and pay online.

Bills via BizzMail One way
  • Are free of charge
  • Your bill has the same legal value as a paper bill
  • We store it free of charge for one year
  • You can give another person access to it, for example, in the context of managing your accounting
Bills and payment via Zoomit
  • Your bill has the same legal value as a paper bill and Zoomit is a completely free service
  • Your bills will be filed, along with your payments, in a secure place, i.e. your PC banking environment. Neither your bank nor Zoomit will have access to your data, so security and confidentiality are guaranteed.
  • The bill and a pre-completed bank transfer form are available in your PC Banking environment, so you can make your payments in just a few clicks, quickly and without errors.
  • You are notified by e-mail when your bills arrive, so you can be sure of paying on time
  • You can give another person access to it, for example, in the context of managing your accounting

Analyse and control your cost

MyProximus allows you to view certain billing data online:

  • A list of all your bills, credit notes, and payments of the last months
  • Bills of the last 6 months, sent with details of your calls
  • A list of calls still to be billed
  • Possibility to download the bill
  • This bill will have legal validity only if you have subscribed to Zoomit (please note that without Zoomit, your bill on MyProximus is not sufficient from a legal viewpoint).
To create, analyze and download reports based on the details of your bills, Proximus proposes the Fleet Manager tool:

Fleet Manager


Access to standard, predefined reports and reports specific to your call details
Analysis of the cost centers
Personalized reports


Fleet Manager Easy: more than 5 and fewer than 30 cards (+ ProxiManage: for checking the usage of the mobiles in your company online)

Fleet Manager Advanced: as from 30 cards (+ ProxiManage & ProxiHandset: for managing the mobiles of your company)


Is activated automatically based on the number of cards held:

  • Fleet Manager Easy: a minimum of 5 cards
  • Fleet Manager Advanced: a minimum of 30 cards


Download the contract for Fleet Manager here, fill in the form and send it to your Corporate consultant or

Price: free


Les avantages de MyProximus

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Registering for MyProximus is very easy. You simply need your mobile phone or a recent bill (maximum 4 months old).


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