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  • Check your current usage
  • Consult your bill to control and manage your costs
  • Analyse your mobile phone fleet thanks to Fleet Management
  • Add or remove options
  • Save points and exchange them for gifts thanks to Bizz Club
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E-billing for your business

This is what other business customers think about it:

9 out of 10 is satisfied

9 out of 10 pays on time

The info is clear

Beter for the environment

Easier than billing on paper

I go for it

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To create, analyze and download reports based on the details of your bills, Proximus proposes the Fleet Manager tool:

Fleet Manager


Access to standard, predefined reports and reports specific to your call details
Analysis of the cost centers
Personalized reports


Fleet Manager Easy: more than 5 and fewer than 30 cards (+ ProxiManage: for checking the usage of the mobiles in your company online)

Fleet Manager Advanced: as from 30 cards (+ ProxiManage & ProxiHandset: for managing the mobiles of your company)


Is activated automatically based on the number of cards held:

  • Fleet Manager Easy: a minimum of 5 cards
  • Fleet Manager Advanced: a minimum of 30 cards


Download the contract for Fleet Manager here, fill in the form and send it to your Corporate consultant or

Price: free

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