Start Like A Pro

Inspiring tips & links to get your business off to a good start

The die is cast. You're going to be starting your own business soon.
We've created a digital platform for you so you won't forget anything and to help you get started like a real pro. The relevant tips and links on the platform will support and guide you so you can get started in the best possible conditions.

Your first steps

Don’t know where to begin as a start-up? No worries. We have put together an overview so you can build your future step by step.

Digital boost

Anything is possible nowadays thanks to the digital tools available. That is why we give custom-tailored advice and offer the necessary support to maximise your digital advantage in starting your business.

Expertise on the enterprise counter

When starting a business there’s no getting around the administrative procedures. Read the blogs to find out how the enterprise counter can help you get started.

Save time and work more efficiently

Optimise your administration with these digital apps. Here you will discover the tools that will help you save time and work more efficiently.

What do we have to offer? A lot!

Applying for a company number, registering with the crossroads bank for enterprises, finding an accountant, drawing up your business plan... we will show you the ropes so you know what to do and when to do it. The digital world is not just about creating your website or getting your business known, it also wants to make your day-to-day management easier for you.

Discover all the tips, advice and tools in our blogs! Start Like A Pro was developed in partnership with UNIZONew window, PartenaNew window and LiantisNew window.


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