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Your move is an important milestone in your life. We aim at making this a care-free experience for you.
Your Internet, fixed line and Proximus TV will be installed in your new office.

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Free installation

With Bizz All-in and Bizz Office

Group your products in a Bizz All-in or Bizz Office and benefit from nice discounts.

Already a Bizz All-in or Bizz Office customer? You’ll also receive a free installation at your new address!


Customer with Bizz All-in or Bizz Office or you take one of these packs at your new address? Enjoy a free installation by a technician (value of €48.76).

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How much will your move cost?

Internet, fixed line and TV

Moving all your products now costs only €48,76 for the installation and activation. A Proximus technician will install everything at your new address, this service is included in your move fee.

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Other products?

You currently have products that are specific for your professional activities (telephone exchange, LAN/WAN network,…) or you would like to add them?
Get in contact with our Bizz Experts and get the best advice.

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You prefer to have the assistance of one of our agents? We’ll gladly help you!

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Remain accessible

during your move

And your business continues as usual!

  • Forward your incoming calls to another telephone number or your mobile phone.
  • Thanks to PhoneMail, listen to your messages on your fixed line or your mobile phone.
  • Remain accessible on your mobile phone, with our mobile telephony solutions and mobile internet.
  • As a customer with a mobile subscription (not managed through your company or third party), you can easily change your address online.
  • Your Bizz Expert will gladly advise you about the best solution to stay available for your customers. Don’t hesitate to share your business needs with him/her.

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How will the installation of your Internet and TV take place?

As soon as you send your order, we remotely check your technical situation.

  • If a visit by a technician is required, we will arrange that appointment when it best suits you. And no worries: for the installation, you can count on the expertise of our technicians without extra costs!
  • If the infrastructure at your new home is ready to use, you can connect the devices yourself using the installation guide… or request a technicians help to finalise the installation.
Your mail and bills at your new address

Don’t forget to request a mail forwarding to make sure no bill gets lost and cause deactivation of your services. Or choose for an electronic bill!