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Information for electricians


As an electrician, you can connect an individual home to the Proximus network by installing a Smarttube (a cable certified by Proximus). This cable can be obtained at a wholesaler.
Mount the Proximus connection point in the garage/storage room (the energy corner where all the utility connections come in). This is also available at a wholesaler.

After installing the Smarttube, call 0800 99 628 so that we can come and splice this cable onto our distribution cable (public domain).

We have drawn up guidelines on the cabling up to the home (horizontal). These guidelines (French) apply to both technologies (copper and optical fiber).

Information for architect/construction company

Documents for architects

Copper zone

As an architect/construction company, you need precise information about the connection of single-family homes and apartments to the Proximus network.
You will find extensive technical information in the documents below:

Optical-fiber zone

If the house/apartment is located in an optical-fiber zone, you will need the following documents:

To find out whether the building is in an optical-fiber zone, please send an e-mail to one of the following services (depending on the location of your building):

Other useful documents:

  • We have drawn up guidelines on the cabling up to the home (horizontal). These guidelines (French) apply to both technologies
  • Request form (French)


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