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"The latest version of Microsoft Office on all my devices"

Work even more efficiently on all your devices

Why choose for Micosoft Office 365 at Proximus?


With Microsoft Office 365, Laurent Cleves always has access to his documents wherever he is.

Watch how it helps him professionally.

Katrien Herdewyn

Laurent Cleves, Account Manager L’Avenir Immobilier, Mont-sur-Marchiennes


Latest version of Microsoft Office

You and your colleagues always work with the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Anywhere and on any device!

All your documents secure in the cloud

Benefits from an ultra-secure storage in the cloud. All your important documents are under lock and key, and access them anywhere and quickly recover them if you have a computer problem.

Professional e-mail account

A professional e-mail address, with all your contacts and a calendar that you can consult on any device? Essential!

Need help?

Our IT specialists are ready and waiting to help you with installation and use. And thanks to a short training course, you and your colleagues will get the most out of Microsoft Office 365.

Activation and configuration

You don’t have the time or the IT knowledge to handle the installation and configuration of your Microsoft Office 365 yourself?  Or you simply prefer to leave this to a professional?

Not a problem. Our IT specialists are standing by to help you.


We offer you the option to have the installation and configuration of your Microsoft Office 365 done by an IT specialist. These tasks will be handled by phone and the specialist will take over your computer from a distance.

A couple of days after your order, you will be contacted by one of our partners who will, together with you, set an appointment for the installation and configuration of your product.

This is included

  • DNS management
  • Installation of your email
  • Transfer of your mails, contacts and calendar (Max 3 GB)
  • Installation on 1 device/user
  • Office installation documentation.


The price is made up out of 2 components:

  • Activation costs (a one-time cost per company)
  • Installation and configuration costs per user (price is degressive)

Prices do not include VAT

Not included in the installation*
  • Installation and configuration of Sharepoint
  • GAL (Global Address List)
  • AD synchronisation
  • Onedrive Pro, Lync
  • OS or Office updates

* These tasks are not included, but can nevertheless be carried out by our specialist. Owing to the complexity of these tasks, we prefer to draft an offer, based on an analysis of your needs.

Option pricing
  • Call-out charges: €105.60 (flat rate)
  • Installation on an extra device: €31.70
  • Office suite installation: €52.60 (per user)
  • Training in your offices: €105.60 (per hour)

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General Conditions

To benefit from the Microsoft Office 365 solution, you must have at least Proximus product or service. Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed via a fixed or mobile Internet connection. Prices do not include VAT. Rates and conditions applicable in Belgium. The minimum configuration needed is Office 2007, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows XP SP3+. For other systems, additional configuration is needed. Request the rates when placing your order.