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How to activate the new Proximus Wi-Fi

First step: watch the video


Be sure that you’re within modem coverage and well connected to the Wi-Fi network (and not on 4G).

The video will show you how to:

  • Connect your devices to the 2.4 Wi-Fi frequency. If devices aren't on 2.4 when you press the button, they will no longer be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Activate your new Wi-Fi, by clicking on the button below

All details are in the video, just hit 'play' to get started. No worries, it's easy!

What is the impact if I have a Wi-Fi Bridge to connect my TV via Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi Booster?

If your TV stops working after pressing the button, don't panic! Simply resynchronize your Wi-Fi Bridge or Wi-Fi Booster with your modem.

How to do this?

1. Press the “WPS” buttons on your modem and Wi-Fi Bridge or Wi-Fi Booster for a few seconds:


2. The same goes for your Wi-Fi Booster, if the Wi-Fi doesn't work anymore.

These are the devices involved:

Then: start the Wi-Fi boost

You followed all the steps and you have checked if all your devices are now configured on the 2.4 Ghz frequency?

There's one last important thing to do: push the button below.
This will be your 'go' for us to go ahead and improve your Wi-Fi network

Improve my Wi-Fi

Frequently asked questions

The 5.0 Ghz frequency won't disappear?

However the 5.0 Ghz isn’t visible anymore, this frequency band still exists. But now your modem automatically selects the frequency band to which your device is connected. This way, you get the best wi-fi experience anywhere in your office or home.

I gave my Wi-Fi a personalized name, what should I do?

Be sure to watch the video. First connect all your devices to that Wi-Fi (instead of the Wi-Fi with 2.4 in its name) and only then activate the intelligent Wi-Fi.

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