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Prefer a smartphone instead of a GSM?

Already a smartphone available at €82.64 (excl. VAT)!

Quickly search something on internet, read your e-mails, sending texts through Messenger or Whatsapp, take a peak at Facebook, …
With a smartphone at your side,  the world opens up! Good news: we have a tailor made offer for you!

LG K4 2017 Black

A smartphone full of possibilities!

LG K4 2017 Black
  • 5 inch screen
  • 5 MP camera
  • Quad core processor
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Smartphones, too complicated for you?

Your Bizz Expert facilitates your life

On request, he explains you the basics of your smartphone, how to replace the SIM card, transfer your contacts, configurate the access to the internet and your e-mails… Your smartphone will no longer have secrets for you!

Smartphone Start

We'll swap or install your SIM card. And if you want, we'll also show you how to use your smartphone. All for free.

Free of charge

Your Bizz Expert
In need of a full configuration or training for your smartphone?

Full Configuration (transfer contacts, photos & videos):
configuration of internet, e-mail, apps, …


Individual training (tailor-made ± 20 min):
usage of the device, internet, e-mail, apps, photos, contacts, …


Appointment with your Bizz Expert

Need more data volume?

Discover Bizz Mobile subscriptions

If your mobile data volume is often insufficient, we recommend that you opt for a higher-level Bizz Mobile subscription or a mobile subscription included in Bizz All-in.

Discover Bizz Mobile

Activate the 500 MB Extra option

If you regularly need more data and want to keep your current mobile subscription, ask for the 500 MB Extra option for €4.13 on MyProximus.

My Proximus

Exchange your current phone, get a discount

Smartphone Voucher

In quite a few cases, we can offer you a Smartphone Voucher for your old smartphone (up to five phones at the same time). Go for a discount on your new smartphone or pick up a handy accessory.

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Take care of your smartphone


Our Bizz Experts are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.

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Questions about our offers?

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